Half-Life 2 - NEOTOKYO Patch 10.23.2009

This patch updates NEOTOKYO with 7 new maps, game balances,...

Half-Life 2 - NEOTOKYO Patch 10.23.2009

This patch updates NEOTOKYO with 7 new maps, game balances, and bug fixes.

Added map nt_dusk_ctg.

Added map nt_oilstain_ctg.

Added map nt_pissalley_ctg.

Added map nt_redlight_ctg.

Added map nt_threadplate_ctg.

Added map nt_vtol_ctg.

Added map nt_bullet_tdm.

Map changes to nt_engage_ctg.

Map changes to nt_ghost_ctg.

Map changes to nt_isolation_ctg.

Map changes to nt_rise_ctg.

Map changes to nt_subsurface_ctg.

Map changes to nt_tarmac_ctg.

Fixed various map exploits.

Fixed various bugs and errors.

Load outs Rearranged.

SRS has increased Zoom-in, Slower RoF.

MPN is now silenced.

Removed M41l.

Added M41S.

Murata Shotgun RoF increased.

Milso is now silenced.

Various Weapons were rebalanced.

Increased chat lines, 18 from 6, and increased time chat stays.

In chat, people who are dead have a [DEAD] prefix.

Fixed erroneous enemy beacons in ghost scan.

Weapons are now lowered when on ladders.

Squad mates distance is now displayed in crosshair-over context.

Team icons are now over heads and opacity increased for non-squad mate icons - squad mate icons are bigger.

Fixed bullet damage/penetration bug.

Grenades and detpacks no longer collide with players (fixes issue where you could place a det pack in a player to immobilize them).

Removed "unconnected" from death notifications.

Moved squad keys to F5-F10 and added "slot" commands for server plugin support.

Add round start/end events for server plugin support.

Teams locked to 16 players max.

Changed team kill/grief punish to 1 minute ban and kick.

Added neo_teamkill_punish cvar.

Added neo_ competitive commands.

Knife exploit fixed.

Assault and Support classes can no longer bunny hop speed exploit.

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