Half-Life: Xen-Warrior 1.4

Fight as an alien grunt through the great levels of...

Half-Life: Xen-Warrior 1.4

Fight as an alien grunt through the great levels of Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus Xen Course!


Half-Life: Xen-Warrior 1.4


------General Information

Title : Xen-Warrior

Release : 1.4

Date : 5.1.2004

Filename :

Author : Werner Spahl

Email Address : [email protected]

Home page : None

Description : Singleplayer episode

Previous Maps : CStraining11, GCpistol11

: HLuplink12, OFaliens12, GCdemo12

Credits/Thanks : Radioactive Software for Half-Life: Chronicles

: Valve Software for Half-Life and Resources

: Laurie Cheers for Spirit of Half-Life

: Decker and the QuArK team for QuArK

: Zoner for Zoners Half-Life tools

: Mete Ciragan for Milkshape 3D

: David Flor for SprView+Make

------Play Information

Deathmatch : No.

Single Player : Yes.

Skill Settings : Yes.

Map Description : Fight as an alien grunt through the great levels of

Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus Xen Course!


There is an elevator that only has a button inside. So if you somehow

missed it, just press the wall where the button was for it to return.

Also sometimes feeding on enemies continues after you have left them,

one teleporter works longline and there are two small texture errors.

------Mod Information

New Sprites : Yes (modified HUD).

New Textures : Yes (from Chronicles).

New Sounds : Yes (from Chronicles).

New Models : Yes (modified Hornetgun animations)

New Graphics : Yes (from Chronicles menue and splash with thanks).

Number of maps : Ten (five from Half-Life, five from HL Chronicles).

Prefabs used : This mod is the result of using Spirit of Half-Life

and QuArK with already compiled bsps to produce the

effect of playing from an alien point of view. Thus

thanks again must go to Valve and Radioactive Soft-

ware for their great maps, therefore the credits of

the latter team are included unchanged. Also I have

to thank Laurie Cheers for feedback, extra fixes in

Spirit of Half-Life and for betatesting the mod :)!


1.0: First release

1.1: Half-Life version compatible info added to readme

1.2: Xen Course maps added, start and end levels modified

1.3: Close range attack, health/armor feeding and auras added

1.4: Way of missing a scripted sequence removed, some grunts adjusted


Base : Half-Life, Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One

Editors used : Spirit 1.0 "Xen-Warrior" Edition, QuArK 6.3.0

Compile machine : Intel Celeron 1 GHz

Compile time : About a few seconds

------Map Instructions

Install by extracting this archive with use folder names checked into

your Half-Life directory. It may only work with HL or higher.

Start Half-Life, select "Custom Game" and activate "Xen-Warrior" then

start a new game. Or select "Xen Course" for a simple training first.

Alternatively you can start "Xen-Warrior" by using the included batch

file, but check that the Half-Life path is according to your setting.

------Additional Info


Most of these hints are also provided during the Xen Course training:

Gain health and rebuild armor by feeding on enemies. Weapon slot 1 is

a strong close range attack, weapon slot 4 the usual hornetgun. While

using it, only close contact to the target or secondary fire mode can

destroy and move objects. Normal Xen animals are still hostile as are

angry allies. Do you remember where you saw the last level before ;)?

Xen lifeforms show a red aura, Earth lifeforms a green one, others...


Authors MAY use this mod as a base to build additional mods.

(I couldn't get explicit permission from Radioactive Software because

their page is gone and I couldn't contact any of them, but it doesn't

say contrary in the textfiles of Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One).


MODIFICATIONS!!! If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN


This mod may be distributed ONLY over the Internet!! You are NOT

authorized to put this mod on any CD or distribute it in any way

without my permission!!

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