VANseam v1.2

Create perfect tileable textures in minutes! VANseam is an...

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  • Size 1 MB
  • Program by Andrew Vanbeck

VANseam v1.2

Create perfect tileable textures in minutes! VANseam is an easy to use art package designed for making seamless textures.

Every type of texture you could imagine can be created, even by those who struggle with conventional art packages.

Using a unique brush system, bumpy 3D effects are automatic and totally customisable. Decal effects like bullet holes can be added in seconds using simple 64x64 greyscale bitmaps. Brushes can be created in an art package to keep, or you can create brushes quickly and easily inside VANseam.

Be sure to check my website for more details and a user guide.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome, I'm developing VANseam in the near future to include every tool you need to make great textures easily.

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