Fallout 3 - Shayla Lioness Female Character Skin

Shayla Lioness is a female character with lino like...

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Fallout 3 - Shayla Lioness Female Character Skin

Shayla Lioness is a female character with lino like appearance with marksman attributes.

So, i always saw those cute teen female characters others have created. I personally prefer an adult look in an adult game like Fallout 3.

In addition I like to have some sort of theme up in my head when building characters. So I thought... Wasteland Desert, wide open areas, hot sun burning from the sky... and ultimately I was thinking about lions.

Well, making a long story short... this is Shayla whom I prefer to play as a marks(wo)man. I tried to give her an adult and somewhat lioness impression, feel free to comment if I succeeded.

The character starts off just after leaving Vault 101, right before the door to Freedom. So you can still edit the char to your needs if you want to.

From the Vault I took the 10mm Gun, Ammo, Meds, Table Stuff, Tunnel Snake Outfit, Medicine Bobblehead and a Vault Security Armor from one unlucky guard who happened to stand in the robots way as said robot grilled the roaches.

PS : Feel free to add images from you displaying this char in maybe your favorite outfit or location. I myself prefer the white Autumn coat, Sheriffs Hat and a Sniper Rifle, as shown in the Images section.


On request I made a Version with Josef Grey's Makeup Face Retexture Mod installed. The original face looked absolutely ugly when using this Mod so I made a revised version for people who are using it. Personally, I don't like MakeUp that much. =)

Oh, as to where to find the MakeUp Mod, should you like the revised version more. Check here.


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