AMV Animatrix - Linkin Park

Anime music video adaptation to The Animatrix...

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  • Program by grif_mcrenolds

AMV Animatrix - Linkin Park

Anime music video adaptation to The Animatrix. Includes the song "Somehwere I Belong" from Linkin Park's Meteora.

Do you know how far the rabbit hole goes? Linkin Park's new album "Meteora" can answer a few questions. Here we use footage from "The Animatrix" and Liknin Park's new single "Somewhere I Belong." I encoded it in the DivX Pro beta Kaukura. The compression looks astonishing, at least to my eyes. I first did a multipass encoding at 780k, but it looked a biut blurry. Then I tried 1000k and it looks pretty good. The only problem I had was a bug where the codec kept crashing while using the MV file, and the fact that beta codecs are slow. But after all that the end product is quite nice.

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