Half-Life 2 - HL1 style Combine soldier voicepack, with intelligent sentences system

Replaces Combine voices with new phrases in the style of...

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  • Program by your evil twin (Alexander Van Wingerden-Cross)

Half-Life 2 - HL1 style Combine soldier voicepack, with intelligent sentences system

Replaces Combine voices with new phrases in the style of Half-Life 1's human grunts, and replaces Civil Protection metrocop voices with custom grunt sounds made by GamingLord. Intelligent sentence system: soldiers have squad names and numbers, and shout how many metres away the player is. Works in HL2 and all HL2 mods.

Half-Life 1 hgrunt style Combine voice pack

by your evil twin (Alexander Van Wingerden-Cross)




*Combine soldiers use human grunt voices from Half-Life 1

*Civil Protection metropolice use custom human grunt voices by GamingLord

* Intelligent sentences system: Combine soldiers know the squad names and numbers of their comrades, and can also shout how many metres away enemies are located

* Now you can actually understand all the clever stuff that HL2 soldiers say!

* Works in Half-Life 2, Episode One and any HL2 single-player mod

Note: Metropolice have new voices but do NOT use the intelligent sentences system, so if you are playing regular Half-Life 2 you won’t notice the more advanced features until you get to parts of the game with actual Combine soldiers (such as Highway 17 onwards).


Installation instructions

* For normal Half-Life 2

Extract the two folders (“scripts” and “sound”) from this zip into the “HL2” folder within your Half-Life 2 folder. Make sure to keep the directory structure intact – the “sound” folder should have several folders inside it.

Example: if your Steam username was “username”, and you had Steam installed in C:\Program Files\Steam, then the location you would be looking for would be this:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life 2\hl2

* For Half-Life 2 Episode One

You can also use the sound pack in Episode One. Follow the above instructions, but the example location would look more like this:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life 2 episode one\episodic

* For Half-Life 2 mods

To use this sound pack in a Half-Life 2 mod, simply extract the two folders (“scripts” and “sound”) to the mod folder. There is no subfolder like “hl2” or “episodic” to worry about. For example, if the mod was called “amazingmod”, and your steam installed in C:Program FilesSteam, then the location to place the folders would be:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\amazingmod


Why did I make this sound pack?

Half-Life 2's Combine soldiers and Civil Protection metrocops are pretty hard to understand, which is a shame as HL2’s sentences system includes all kinds of clever features. Did you realise that squads of Combine soldiers actually have randomly generated squad names and numbers? And soldiers within a squad will remember these names and numbers and use them when referring to each other? They can even shout Gordon’s distance in metres. This sound pack replaces the Combine voices so that you can actually understand them, and it takes advantage of the advanced features as well.

The replacement voices for the Combine soldiers are the original soldier voices from Half-Life 1 (though edited so that they will speak slightly faster), while I used GamingLord’s custom hgrunt sounds for Civil Protection metrocops, as they sounded more human. (I figured the metrocops should have more natural voices since the metrocops are just humans wearing gasmasks, while the Combine soldiers are cyborgs so HL1 hgrunt sounds are perfect.)

I also added some extra death sounds from Command & Conquer to add variety when soldiers and metrocops are killed. For the Combine soldiers I modified them slightly so that the deaths of cops and soldiers will sound a little different.



Sentences.txt file: your evil twin

Numerous edits and alterations to sounds: your evil twin

Additional death sounds: Command & Conquer, by Westwood Studios

Combine soldier voices: hgrunt voices from Half-Life, by Valve Software

Metropolice voices: custom hgrunt voices for Half-Life, by GamingLord (Bradley Padriga) Lordgaming@gmail.com

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