Cossacks - European Wars v1.02

Here is the latest updated demo of this historical game...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 46.4 MB
  • Program by GSC Game World

Cossacks - European Wars v1.02

Here is the latest updated demo of this historical game based on events of the XVI-XVIII centuries in Europe. During these times, nations and cities were built and destroyed, wars were fought by large and powerful armies.

A great historical real-time strategy game with fantastic graphics, sound, and gameplay with single and multi.

Minimal system requirements:

Pentium 200MHz, 32 Mb RAM, 1 Mb Video RAM, 200Mb HDD,

8x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 6.0.

Recommended system requirements:

Pentium II 233 and better, 64 Mb RAM, 4 Mb Video RAM, 200 Mb HDD, 12x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 6.0.

In this version, the AI is greatly improved.

- AI now attacks in formation with various squads

- More frequent attacks

- Much improved search for the enemy's weaknesses and best attack locations

- Use of diversionary manoeuvres

- Improved actions at sea, include transport vessel manoeuvres

- Useful employment and supervision of artillery

- and much, much more!

This demo includes the functionality of the patch offered for version 1.01.

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