Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Ragdolls and Force Mod v1.5

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Ragdolls and Force Mod v1.5

Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more realistic level and replaces ragdolls so that they are no longer stiff and fall at a faster velocity. Cannot change material friction yet.



-Added more ragdolls for creatures

-Changed male human ragdolls from using the default values for their legs. Fixes odd death placement that was an issue in vanilla ragdolls.


-Easy Lift plugin changed from light to normal version.


-Added missing linear damping for certain creatures. Should prevent flying ragdolls

-Added "Easy Lift" from my other mod to counteract the heavier mass of the bodies. Should be able to lift normal bodies now.


-Added replacement ragdolls for some creatures.

-Ragdolls are now heavier resulting in realistic fall velocity.





extract the files into:


-Open the Skyrim launcher

-Click on data files

-Check the box for "Realistic Ragdoll Force..."

If you have no "data files" option in the launcher

Open SkyrimPrefs.ini. File can be found in:

...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Find [Launcher] and add this line below it:


Realistically, arrows do not apply force on bodies and will crumple to the ground. Should be more satisfying and less cartoonish. Basic magic attacks also apply, such as getting hit with a lightning strike will fry you and not push you away.