Independence War 2

This upgrade is intended for all versions of Edge of Chaos...

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Independence War 2

This upgrade is intended for all versions of Edge of Chaos before F14.6. It will upgrade F10.x European release versions, F12.0 European patched versions, and the F12.0 US release version.

Changes in version F14.6

General fixes

Remote missiles now have the correct blast radius of 2km.

Old trade mission objectives are now cleaned up.

Various fixes to specific trade missions.

Haven Station tour no longer activates after Act 1.

Fixed Sensor Disruptor mount point.

Beam weapons no longer 'explode' occasionally.

Mission fixes. WARNING: Contains plot spoilers!

The Prelude

Junkyard Challenge: Made AI ships weaker.

Junkyard Challenge: Fixed a problem with mission cleanup.

Act One: Hoffer's Wake

The Great Escape: Increased the weapon and LDA loadout for the tug.

Candy From a Baby: Clean up properly if the player doesn't go to the distress call.

The Heist: Relaxed position checks for the pod exchange.

The Trouble with Gunstars: Simplified the gunstar activation pattern.

Lucrecia's Horde: Fixed problem with the death of the hostages.

Lucrecia's Horde: Fixed collision problem with hostages.

Act Two: The Badlands

Corporate Holdings: Fixed crash when travelling through the backdoor L-Point.

Act Three: Edge Of Chaos

Into Chaos: Prevented the player destroying Jafs.

General improvements

Mission trades now list the client instead of the faction.

Mission trades are all at the top of the trades list.

User modifications can now be selected from the front-end interface. [details]

Multiplayer: The network code now uses a DirectPlay 8 transport layer. [details]

Multiplayer: The framework for network game types is more flexible, and we've added new games and maps. [details]

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