Vektor Space

Vektor Space is a 3D arena based multiplayer action game...

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Vektor Space

Vektor Space is a 3D arena based multiplayer action game where futuristic hover vehicles lay energy trails to destroy other players.


The current year is unknown, as the passage of time has been reinvented by modern technology. Man has conquered the laws of physics with a new technology dubbed Euclidian Convergence. The technology allows inertia to be redirected near instantaneously through the use of an energy called Flux. Though many uses for this physics redefining energy have been harnessed, the most popular usage of Flux comes in the form of an arena sport known as Vektor Space.


The sport of Vektor Space combines elements of strategy and action as contestants steer hyper-modified hover vehicles in an enclosed arena. Each hover vehicle, also known as a vektor, contains a Flux Drive, allowing the vehicles to make dramatic turns. The hover vehicles also distribute a Flux byproduct behind them that resembles a transparent wall, which is called neon. By forcing other vektors into the neon left behind a vehicle, a contestant can damage his opponents’ vektors. Gradually, the damage compounds, destroying the vektors. The last remaining contestant wins the match.

Key Features

• Fully customize your hover vehicle in the following areas: Chassis, Shields, Engine, Flux Drive/Boost, and Neon Strength/Duration.

• Choose from one of eight characters or play a custom character of your own.

• Diverse arenas offer unique challenges and obstacles.

• Up to eight players can compete at a time.

• Two single player modes and a multiplayer mode.

• Single: Instant Action and Circuit Mode.

• Multi: Deathmatch

Vektor Space is being developed by:

Mark Thrall Designer / Programmer

Jhon Restrepo Producer / Programmer

Ricardo Villarreal Lead of Technology / Programmer

Nathan Feldman Product Manager / Programmer

John Enney Lead Tester / Programmer

Steve Johnson Über Programmer

Jon Gagnon Artist

John “Hojo” Gayness Artist

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