FAR Edit

FarEdit is a utility program that allows you to view and...

FAR Edit

FarEdit is a utility program that allows you to view and edit FAR archive files. FAR files are collections of files, compacted into one single file for easy transport. The Sims uses FAR files to pull together various types like objects, bitmaps, skins, UI graphics and meshes. With the FAR Editor you can preview bitmaps, view text files and export single files or entire trees. In fact, the FAR Editor allows you to create your own FAR files so you can package together your own collections and share them with other people!

Top 3 FAR Edit Alternatives


SimWardrobe allows you to do the following: Select any body...


FAR Out does the following:...

SimWardrobe Tabctl32 Fix

The program will tell you which file is required...

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