Catch the Sperm 2 (Free Game)

This game was written for the Stop AIDS campaign in...

  • Category Arcade
  • Size 5.1 MB
  • Program by STOP AIDS Campaign

Catch the Sperm 2 (Free Game)

This game was written for the Stop AIDS campaign in Switzerland. The object of the game is to use your condomgun to capture realistically rendered genetic swimmers. Along the way, you'll have to capture any viruses that pass your way.

The force of "catch the sperm " are its graphics. Its

designers wanted to take along the player, as of the first

click, in an attractive three-dimensional universe. In this

at the same time realistic and mysterious environment,

evolve and move the spermatozoides to gain their destiny,

they swim in company of less frequentable colleagues: the

viruses HIV. The goal of the play? With a condomgun, the

player has to neutralize all these untiring swimmers and to

prevent them to arrive at their destination. The players

accumulates points and can register their score on the

website, with a click on a button. The

worldwide 3 best players of the week are rewarded with a

mousepad of " catch the sperm ", in which inside little

sperms are swimming in a liquid. (pic attached)

As a matter of fact the virus is not electronically, with

the game the swiss STOP AIDS campaigne tries to make a step

towards people to provide further quality information, about

HIV / AIDS on the website

The game download is free, just like the last cinemaspot

„The Nodes“ and other spots of STOP AIDS which do not leave

anybody indifferent.

STOP AIDS wishes you much pleasure with the game and on .

Enjoy your life....protect thy neighbours as thyself!

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