Stairs and Transitions Tutorial

This file will help in the creation of 2 level maps for...

Stairs and Transitions Tutorial

This file will help in the creation of 2 level maps for Ghost Recon.

stairs and transitions tut

By Dr.Jeckyl

Version 1.0

Released 1/7/03



this file contains a .max file (3dsm v4.2) of a simple 3 room map that contains all the needed items stairs require. it has a stairway, all sherman level stuff, and bounding boxes. it also contains a mod that you can use to go in game and see for yourself that it works. it has a .env file and a .mis file so you can open it in IGOR without any problems. please, if you find this helpfull, pass it on to any and all that can use it. also, if you in any way can help out in any gaming forum, please do so. we were all "n00bs" once. one thing you MUST do is look at all the items in the .max file and study them. look in the map editor also. it contains ALOT of helpfull info. alot of the sherman stuff have entries in there. if for any reason you have any question about this help file, please feel free to ask it in the forums at

NOTE: the "shermantransition"s are named "p1_2" and "p2_3". portals can be transitions also.


******************CREDITS******************* for beeing there and haveing the best damn gaming freaks.

everyone at, members and staff, for just beeing the nicest, most respectful bunch of people.

Red Storm Entertainment for developing the best tactical game i've played.


**************INSTALL NOTES*****************

there is a demonstartion mod in this folder aslo. just copy and paste it to your mod folder.

default: "C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods"


****************OTHER NOTES*****************

e-mail: [email protected]

msn contact: [email protected]


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