Stronghold: Excalibur Pack

The EXCALIBUR PACK for Stronghold allows players to test...

Stronghold: Excalibur Pack

The EXCALIBUR PACK for Stronghold allows players to test their resolve by defending the famed castles of Camelot, Mordred’s Fortress, and Tintagel. Or measure your tactical wit by toppling the imposing walls of these feared legendary strongholds! See additional information for more details!

Camelot represents all that is good and just, during a time of ruthless evil. King Arthur himself sits upon the throne, turning aside the feeble attempts to siege his castle. Successfully laying siege to this famed fortress would surely secure a place of distinction and power for those daring enough to try!

Legend warns that Mordred’s Fortress is impenetrable whilst the evil mistress sits within the dark towers of this swampy stronghold. Here is your chance to challenge this ancient claim and bring those towers crashing to the ground!

With Merlin by his side, Uther Pendragon sacked the castle of Tintagel with an impressive display of his strength. How might you fair against such odds, yet without the help of a powerful wizard?

Also includes are the FIVE historical castles of Edinburgh, The Tower of London, Harlech, Haut-Koenigsbourg, and Koblenz Stolzanfels!

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