This Version has been updated from...


This Version has been updated from "BattleCube"


Title : MCA_BattleCube

Date Finished : 02/11/99

Author : ColdFusion

Company : Nth Degree Logic (TM)

Email Address :

Updated from BattleCube :

This Version has been updated from "BattleCube" to "MCA_BattleCube". Unfortunately there were some Pickup Items that came with the level Editor that were buggy and caused the level to crash. That problem has now been fixed. You will notice that some items were removed. This was neccesary to debug the level. While I was in there I enhanced,tweaked,and added a few surprises as well as several new GameStart Points (14 total) so there should be very few respawn deaths. There are over 30 destructible items as well as other secrets in the level. Be persistent!

Storyline :

MCA_BattleCube is a Training Arena where pilots are taught to work both single handedly or together in squadrons under heated battle conditions. The room is separated into Red and Blue sectors so generally squads are defined by their red or blue exterior. The idea being to eliminate all resistance, invade and take the opposing squad's base. If someone comes up with a code it could easily be used as a capture the flag as well. Prototype transporters are in use in this level so do not be surprised if after being fragged you respawn behind enemy lines and find yourself surrounded. (How to get around the fact that you may respawn behind enemy lines ;)

All Shogo factions have these training facilities as MCA pilots must be able to prove that they have the right stuff before they can be let on the loose with these leathal engines of MAD destruction. The MCA_Battle Cube is the final proving grounds before a pilot is actually given a commision.

It is belived that this particular Battle Cube was captured from an long forgotten ancient cult which later became "The Fallen". It is one of the oldest in existence and is said to have once held secret areas for puposes unknown. It is also rumored that they had discovered the secret of invisbility and left behind Artificially Intelligent guardians of enormous strength to protect their secret.

Credit goes out to : Pikachu for testing the bugs and his patience, and all the guys in the Shogo Forums for their input!

Known issues : Not all destructible items are able to be destroyed by any weapon of choice. If you are not able to destroy an object with one weapon, try another.


- Copyright / Permissions -

This level is for personal use only. It is not to be distributed for retail without the permission of Nth Degree Logic (TM). If anyone is interested in the .ed file e-mail me.

More Power to you! See you in the games!

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