TaskForce Thresher Project Mod

Combatech's last public release mod for Ghost Recon...

TaskForce Thresher Project Mod

Combatech's last public release mod for Ghost Recon. Play as the fictional elite unit: TaskForce Thresher, made up from US Special Forces and Intelligence personnel. A Total Conversion Mod for Ghost Recon

Based on the fictional elite unit "TaskForce Thresher" in the year 2009.

"TaskForce Thresher Project: Sons of Thunder" is a Total conversion mod for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The mod contains a 15 mission campaign covering four different regions. The campaign contains a mix of missions in different theatres of combat which although not incredibly realistic to offer a challenge and a variety of styles.

New uniforms for all allied characters including specialist soldiers give a number of different fighting styles again when mixed with varying kit selections even amoung soldier classes.

12 new specialist characters are included as well as a number of female regulars.

The mod requires Ghost Recon and the Desert Seige expansion pack as well as the v1.3 patch for Ghost Recon as a minimum.

This mod is fully compatible with the Island Thunder expansion pack, Combatech's "101st Airborne Division 2009:Desert Seige" mod and the v1.4 patch for Ghost Recon though they are not required in order for the mod to work.

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