Rocketeer v2.6 [UMOD]

ROCKETEER is a mod for Unreal Tournament2003/04 implementing

  • Category First Person
  • Size 44.8 MB
  • Program by RA:UT2003 Team

Rocketeer v2.6 [UMOD]

ROCKETEER is a mod for Unreal Tournament2003/04 implementing Rocket Arena's gameplay. Rocket Arena was originally written by crt for Quake2/3, and then by Mongo for Unreal Tournament.


ROCKETEER is a round-based team/1on1 game where all players spawn with the same inventory:




The inventory is votable and several presets exist for having RA:UT1 gameplay, ROCKETEER gameplay, etc.

Maps don't have any pickups since the players already have at spawn everything they'd need during play.

There is no self-damage nor team damage.

As in most round-based games, when a player dies, he won't respawn until next round. A round ends when everyone of the teams has been eliminated. When a team has won a set number of rounds, this team wins the game, and the next game can start: the losing team is put back at the end of the line and the winning team plays with the team at the head of the line.

Multi-arena maps

ROCKETEER maps are subdivided into several so-called arenas, and each arena has its own game running. At any point in time, players can join and leave arenas within the map being played by the server without having to disconnect and reconnect.

Non-Multi-arena maps

ROCKETEER also supports standard (non-multi-arena) maps (i.e. DM-Antalus, DM-Campgrounds, etc.)

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