Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer Demo

The Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer demo includes almost all...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 41.1 MB
  • Program by Monolith

Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer Demo

The Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer demo includes almost all the features from the full retail game.


Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer DEMO


Version: 15 May 99



The game can not be installed in a directory whose name contains '.'. symbols.

System requirements


Windows 95/98, DirectX 5.0

Pentium 166 (Pentium 200MMX recommended)

32 Mb RAM

PCI SVGA 1 Mb (640x480, 65536 colors)

4X CD-ROM drive (8X recommended)

Windows compatible sound card (16-bit stereo recommended)


150 Mb on hard drive



ESC - menu

F1 - help menu

F2 - save game

F3 - load game (single player) / diplomacy (multiplayer)

<~~> or

- open/close inventory


- open/close spellbook

- open/close quest log (multiplayer only)

SPACE - open/close inventory & spellbook, return to game after death (multiplayer)

TAB - stats/picture mode in info panel


- smoothing on/off


- show health on/off


- flying damage on/off


- change retreat mode


- change formation mode


- day/night changes on/off


- change autocasting mode


- show player names and clans on/off (multiplayer)


- network statistic on/off (multiplayer)


- switch color pattern of messages (multiplayer)

Gray <+>,<-> - change game speed

- move

- attack

- guard

- defend

- cast

- swarm (move & attack)

- stand ground

- retreat

- pickup all sacks (for heroes only)

- stand still (do not attack anybody)

- select all of your mercenaries

ALT - force move

CTRL - force attack/swarm

SHIFT - force add/remove unit to selection

CTRL+<1..9> - save group selection

CTRL+SHIFT+<1..9> - save group selection (multigroup mode)

<1..9> - restore group selection

ALT+<1..9> - restore group selection with screen centering

SHIFT+<1..9> - add group to selection

Ctrl+F4..F12 - set spell shortcut

Shift+F4..F12 - set inventory item shortcut

F4..F12 - use spell/item shortcut

Ctrl+A - select/deselect spell for autocasting

Enter - send message (multiplayer)

BACKSPACE - clear all messages

ALT+F4 - quit game

Known bugs:

* Guard tower on left side is slightly clipping through the tree.

* No Victory! for final demo mission

* Options: sound: no Acknowledgement for speech volume change

* No sound until the mission actually starts.

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