Postal 2 1337 Patch

The patch contains mportant bug fixes and gameplay...

  • Category Shooting
  • Size 27.4 MB
  • Program by R.W.S.

Postal 2 1337 Patch

The patch contains mportant bug fixes and gameplay enhancements including new maps, tracer fire, the Weapon of Mass Destruction, new cheats like the ricocheting cat gun, and the scissors launching machinegun and faster level loading times.

New Additions:

•New Level: "Obligatory Sewer System" - seweriffic fun and leads to other areas of the map.

•New Level: "Tora Bora" - secret cave hideout of the Taliban.

•New Weapon: The WMD - only available in the Tora Bora map.

•New Difficulty: "Insane-o" - extra hard mode with ALL bystanders armed to the teeth.

•New Difficulty: "They Hate Me" - even harder mode where anyone with a weapon automatically hates the player on sight.

•New Cheat: "Headshots" - one shot to the head kills.

•New Cheat: "BoppinCats" - cats ricochet after shot off guns. Turn it off with "SplodinCats".

•New Cheat: "NowWeDance" - scissors machinegun. Don't forget the second 'w'!

•Added in-game cheat menu after you beat the game once.

•Game difficulty for each save is now displayed on save/load menus.

•Dead bodies can be decapitated (if they still have a head) by the shotgun or shovel.

•Added new bullet tracers option (defaults to On).

•Added support for joysticks and extra mouse buttons

New Changes:

•Level transitions are MUCH faster.

•Machinegun strength enhanced, more accurate, and has faster shooting.

•NPC's less accurate further away target is.

•Dude's 'get down' radius is larger.

•Shotgun slightly stronger, pellet count increased, and imparts a little more momentum.

•Pistol slightly stronger.

•Postal Dude deals slightly more damage with all weapons.

•As Difficulty is increased, damage NPC's can deal out is increased instead of increasing their max health.

•Dogs that you befriend have more health and their health increases with game difficulty (to stay useful).

•Innocent, unarmed bystanders are even easier to kill now.

Bug Fixes:

•1000000 iterations in PrepPawnSlider function crash fixed.

•"triggered a bug in the DirectX 8.1 runtime" crash fixed on most machines.

•Collision-related crashes fixed.

•Changed error messages to refer to postal2.ini instead of ut2003.ini.

•"CheckDepthStencilMatch failed" crash fixed.

•The "Submit Bug Report" button works now.

•"Safe Mode" is now usable.

•Radar now doesn't come up after travel to new day (fixes radar coming up strangely).

•Decapped head when shot by shotgun now doesn't explode into incorrect amount as before.

•Crouched NPCs that die when catching on fire don't stand upright anymore--they ragdoll now.

•Characters that set themselves on fire (ex: with a molotov) don't try to attack themselves anymore.

•Fixed several interaction bugs with Krotchy.

•Game difficulty is now saved with save file (instead of globally).

•Improved dog AI with Player, catches up better, maintains focus on player better.

•People that hate you will respond to you when asked to sign a petition (rather than not hating you correctly).

•Throwing a molotov when your on fire no longer makes them blow up immediately.

•Using a food item with QuickHealth no longer switches your selected inventory item unintentionally.

•Suicide camera now doesn't snap on death; can zoom closer/farther now, swivelling tweaked.

•grenades kicked back at enemies will now explode on the enemy on contact

•Joystick checkbox stays checked now if you check it in config menu.

•Gasoline lights more smoothly.

•Fixed some dialog bugs in the player.

•Joystick checkbox now works properly.

•Help how opens properly.

•Missing file required for optional OpenGL support is now included.

•Integrated several new (minor) engine-level bugfixes.

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