Fallout 3 - Free Play Post Main Quest Mod

This mod allows you to play past the main quest no matter...

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  • Program by DJ_Kovrik & Zalmoxis

Fallout 3 - Free Play Post Main Quest Mod

This mod allows you to play past the main quest no matter what choices you make. Feel free to roam places not visited and continue playing after completing the mainquest.



1. Copy FreePlay.esp to ..\Fallout 3\Data\

2. Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside "FreePlay.esp".



1. Delete the .esp file from ..\Fallout 3\Data\




- Worked mq.txt into EndingBinksScript, including the "gasp sounds" hotfix. Note that EndingBinksScript needed a fix that resulted in the "player death" videos not play anymore. Since the player doesn't die anyway with this mod, this is not an issue we'll break our heads upon. ;)


- Merged "Open End" mod into this. It contained the changes that make the game continue regardless of the player's final choices. Removed autotalk disabling, however, since it didn't serve a purpose anymore and was a leftover from the "Delayed End Game" mod.


- "Quest item" flag removed from FEV Virus (so, you can drop or delete it after MQ);

- ResetQuest command added into mq.txt for re-enabling BoS members after MQ11 quest completing, seems it works (you again can speak with them, trade, repair your equipment etc.) and Sarah disabled; this also removes ProjPurity lines in Fawke's dialogue.

- added esp-file for russian version of FO3;


- No changes in esp, just added txt-file that can help you to clear journal entries after MQ ending.


- Initial release

To Do


- Have the outer airlock door open after code entry properly.

- Get the Colonel to give you his coat and weapon if not killed! ;)

- Reflect consequences of main quest in the vicinity of PP



DJ_Kovrik: http://forums.ag.ru/, [email protected], fallout3nexus.com

Zalmoxis: fallout3nexus.com



- Interplay for creating the "Fallout" universe

- Bethesda for creating "Fallout 3"

- Timeslip for FOMM.

Tools Used


FOMM - http://timeslip.chorrol.com/fomm.html

Notepad++ - http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm

Some hex editor.



If you host this mod anywhere else, please keep the archive as intact as you found it (mainly keep this readme file included). Thank you. For anything else, do as you please and promote our big names! ;p

Details as announced in the beginning (REMEMBER: MAJOR SPOILERS!!)

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