Call of Duty 2 - Mapload Freeze/Hang Fix

When map loadings hangs, it requires a reboot to kill the...

Call of Duty 2 - Mapload Freeze/Hang Fix

When map loadings hangs, it requires a reboot to kill the process. This file will not fix the freeze itself, but it will kill the process so you can restart the game instead of rebotting the computer.

Read the instructions.txt or click for more info

To non G15 user

Use the program hotkeyQL (included)

Install the program to any place that you like on your computer then run the program.

Right click on the icon in the taskbar and choose show editor

Click on "create a new batch script" ICON

Press CAPTURE button and choose a key combination that you like, end it by pressing END CAPTURE button

(Do not use ALT+TAB combination because that might minimize it instead)

Write in a "Action name" (can be anything you like)

In the script window past in this line "TASKKILL /F /IM CoD2MP_s.exe" without the ""

press OK then enable it by check the box,Close the shortcut editor.

Now your all set, start multiplayer to test the script.


This will crash the game so you can restart it, COD2 will ask to run in "Run in Safe mode" choose NO here


/capone IRC #clancorax @ quakn

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