Morrowind splashes - places (v1)

Morrowind splash screens: PLACES (v1)...

Morrowind splashes - places (v1)

Morrowind splash screens: PLACES (v1)

8 new splash screens (randomly displayed when loading) for Morrowind, made from the official wallpapers. 3 other sets available.



Includes 11 new splash screens (randomly displayed while the game is starting up or loading a saved game), made from the official Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon wallpapers []. This set contains all the locational splashes, namely:

* Ald Daedroth

* Ald Velothi

* Ald-ruhn

* Balmora

* Caldera

* Dwemer ruins

* Ebonheart

* Shrine of Azura

* Vivec

* Vos

* Zainab camp

There are 3 other sets available: "All creatures" (8 splashes depicting creatures from the game), "Player races" (pictures of all 10 races), and "Original theme only" (including only the 3 creature splashes following the original Morrowind theme).

NOTE: The "Original" set is included in the "All creatures" set.



* Morrowind

* 33Mb additional hard disk space

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