WolfTeam Full Client v.302 (Latino)

WolfTeam is a new MOFPS game from the makers of Gunbound and...

WolfTeam Full Client v.302 (Latino)

WolfTeam is a new MOFPS game from the makers of Gunbound and Rakion. This MO has a similar style of gameplay such as Counter-Strike, but includes the ability to morph into a wolf for extra bonuses and close combat abilities.

Go to homepage http://wolfteam.softnyx.net/ for more information.



A number of people with similar base arrangement to wolves` have been discovered in the process of antidoting DNA of mankind of near future. Many of them are found mainly among people with superb physical performance like athletes or mercenaries and they have prominently shorter life spans than others have.

A multinational medicine-manufacturing conglomerate " Pfien", which developed a new medicine " Epoxyn" for a disease " Diewolf syndrome", also develops "Anti-Epoxyn" that has opposite effect in profound secrecy and supplies to the France military.

The France military establishes a special force " WolfTeam", also known as the 2nd foreign legion, and recruits unit aiming world wide. The only draft requirement is basic physical test and a blood test in order to see if it suitable to " Anti-Epoxyn". Ages and physical ability of drafted members do not matter and they are free to commit any kind of crimes in their own countries according to the traditional rule of the foreign legion.

" WolfTeam" is a super force with greater-than-human performance using power of "Anti-Epoxyn" and nobody is able to stop " WolfTeam" in military tactics and espionage. The fame of " WolfTeam" gets bigger and bigger but the France military finds " WolfTeam" is going out of control.

They often commit unnecessary murder and devastate the region even after they have completed their mission and once a blood bath starts, they won`t listen to any commands.

Each "WolfTeam" has its own substantial leader and its members give absolute obedience. There is an order regardless of rank in " WolfTeam" The France military figures this is caused by mental side effect of "Anti-Epoxyn" and starts investigation on " WolfTeam" with Pfien to find out a solution.

One day, 7 of " WolfTeam" members get killed combating each other outside mission area. Military police and researchers from Pfien who were dispatched to solve this issue get assassinated and every single member of " WolfTeam" burrows out of military`s sight. " WolfTeam" members live on as mercenaries for their life and fight against the chase of France military on the other hand.





Nonhuman moves and actions! Climb up! Run fast! They are human-transcended wolves. They can endure numerous bullets and murder human beings with their strong force. They use various approaching killing skills and can have super natural power after they mutate. Transformed wolves can kill opponents with their bare hands.

The main concept is a tribe battle between the human and wolves and it pictures a death struggle of human beings converging shooting at surging wolves. Human beings will have to co-work and keep their disposition just to survive and wolves will distract human beings in silence for hunting.

Presence of wolves in battle field boosts various game situations. A player can determine when he/she will transform to a wolf under his/her decision and facing a big beast in dark during the game will be quite intimidating. Ability during mutation varies depending on character and feature of the wolves. The original abilities get fortified and new abilities can also be given. In other words, a wolf mutation brings new combat tactics and super-natural power, so new strategy and game play become available.



Various kinds of weapons you can arm with during the mission.

"WolfTeam" offers various kinds of weapons. You can see the old ages weapons, the weapons you can see these days and very high tech weapons as well. Even more each weapon has their distinctive ability and modes. Especially for the new mode of WP equipment system you can have totally different experience you didn't have before. WP equipment system will introduce you new world of destructive action.

You might feel like you are in the game, for example, and if you shoot, object's damage and depth of penetration would be changeable depends on the distance and object's material.

Another interesting function is weapons can be made by the users which mean the users can make the weapons with their styles and the players can find extraordinary amusement with this function.

"WolfTeam" offers diverse missions which can't be completed by just one player, but 2 or more. Besides the BSV system, mentioned before, helps to play the FPS game as commentary, so it is easy for players to understand the situation quickly and play dynamically.



The sound that wakes up your battle instinct. Softnyx wanted to have perfect music for perfect intensity of the game. As the result, Softnyx made original tracks for WolfTeam and used original sound tracks from the movie "Underworld 2" under permission.

Since both products resemble in motive and mood, no modification was needed and it was a perfect collaboration. Sound effect of WolfTeam is based on actual gunfire but has been modified in a "Hollywood way" for maximized effect.

Actual players preferred modified gunfire to actual one. Hence, WolfTeam develop team has been focusing on building user-friendly sound effect and preparing numerous sounds for actual warlike effect.

Consequently the intense music and settings will stimulate battle instinct of WolfTeam players

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