Unreal Tournament 3 - XS Vehicle Prototypes

XS vehicle reinforcements! Four additional original and...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 16.9 MB
  • Program by Jochem 'Xyx' van 't Hull

Unreal Tournament 3 - XS Vehicle Prototypes

XS vehicle reinforcements! Four additional original and exotic vehicles from the award-winning XS Vehicles team.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4: Best New Vehicle Set

Copy the UTGame folder into your Unreal Tournament 3 folder, then enable and configure the XS Vehicle Set Replacement mutator.

Enable the XS Vehicles Tutorial mutator for an in-game tutorial.

Alternatively, you can summon the prototypes through the console:

summon xs_phoenix.phoenix

summon xs_manticore.manticore

summon xs_behemoth.behemoth

summon xs_cyclops.cyclops


Mark II Phoenix Bomber with charging bomb, energy shield and air mines.

Manticore Wing-In-Ground-Effect craft with photon artillery cannon, jumpjets and reinforced armor.

Behemoth Mobile Powercore with nodebuster cannon, tracer rounds, guided rockets and teleport beacon. Drastically changes gameplay by replacing the powercore.

Cyclops Crystal Shuttle with crystal-growing energy beam and 2-dimensional shockwave.

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