Tropico 2: Pirates Cove v1.2 Patch

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  • Program by Take 2 Interactive

Tropico 2: Pirates Cove v1.2 Patch

This patch for the second installment to the Tropico series fixes some crash problems and adds tons of new features. See more information for details.

Crash Bug Fixes

Fixed crash bugs with animations at game start. This means new saves made with the game paused via the toolbar will not be corrupted. This won’t fix old corrupt saves

Fixed a crash bug when loading maps in the map editor.

New or Augmented Features

You can now rename your pirate king

There is an option on the settings dialog to turn off the circle window’s “follow” camera. This improves performance and is useful on slower machines.

Returning ships now look for a dock with the right amount of cargo to re-equip them

Black market purchases now have a maximum price making it possible to use the black market later in the game.

When a ship is scuttled it gives its cargo to the dock

Island Log displays the current score of a sandbox game.

Can no longer send pirates to school in skills in which they have reached maximum. Targeting cursor won’t appear over these pirates.

Added a "huge message" (large white text on screen) upon selecting an edict to remind or educate the player to use ‘ctrl’ key for selecting multiple targets

New thought for haulers says the amount they are hauling

Changed default orientation of construction choice buttons, so we aren't always presented with their rear ends.

Hotkey: F1 toggles assistant panel (same as pressing ‘A’)

Island Log: added hint text to line graphs

Island Log: Graphs: shift-click affects un-checked boxes on the graphs in the opposite way the clicked checkbox was affected.

Changed tutorial message display to show certain messages (e.g. invasion warnings) even if the preference is off

Clicking the moonometer pauses the game.

New hotkeys: P opens pirate satisfaction chapter and W opens captive satisfaction chapter (also changed the hints on satisfaction. meters to tip off the user).

Island Log reports satisfaction levels for resting at pirate residences

Character Detail: Added hint text to “ransom amount” and “escape risk” to report if character has incriminating knowledge to tell his or her homeland

Improved plunder shares to 60/22/18 (capt/officers/crew). This change combines with a bug fix that was resulting in too little plunder for officers. The main effect will be slower rank gain for captains.

Added hotkeys to the Island Log: number keys and the back-quote (the back quote key is just to the left of the ‘1’ key) jump to various chapters and the Table of Contents when the Island Log is open

You can rename characters, and it's even logged.

New hotkeys: 'D' opens Island Log to demographics chapter. Shift-D opens to the captive’s page (instead of default pirate page).

Added tracking of the names pirates killed at sea. They are displayed in the ship’s Log as skeletons.

Legalized road destruction if from a closed loop (and doesn't violate the usual rules). You still cannot create two networks.

You will see more Green & Red money icons (they rise up from your buildings when they gain or lose money). The actual amount of money you get/lose is exactly the same, only the number of icons you see has changed to better show the amount.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Disabled advice rules for episodes 3 and 4, which previously had Smitty giving advice to build unavailable buildings.

Fixed Letters of Marque edict to only apply to sinking of ships that the player's patron is at war with.

Now a greater diplomatic penalty when settlement is raided when a peace promise is in effect (previously raid cost was the same regardless of peace promise).

"Free All Of Nation" will no longer free escaping and revolting captives

You can no longer use the "release captive" edict during a captive escape or revolt

Overseer skill bonus now applies to construction tasks

Circle Window now behaves more properly when changing screen resolution

Fixed bug where certain buildings (e.g. farms and décor) would leave their building construction graphic around after aborting construction

Trees and shrubs will no longer grow on rocks, beach, or water.

Fixed bug with right-mouse-clicking on toolbar category buttons

Fixed bug where you could get two “Confirm ship construction dialogs” to appear if you clicked on a ship construction button very quickly

Fixed the historical logging of war-starts - date element had been omitted.

Fixed bug during building construction: a building’s footprint on the map now updates when you rotate it

Extended the length of episode 13 by one year (now 13 years long) to make it consistent with the episode briefing.

Fixed bug with French Happiness & Spanish Happiness button art switched.

Cursor is now hidden during full screen movies

Pirate captains imprisoned overseas are no longer employed on ships

Fixed a problem with episode 11 so that captives will be delivered as originally intended.

Fixed a bug with “lazy” pirate king trait that made all captive skills that were 0, into –1

Fixed a pathfinding bug which would occasionally have characters endlessly pacing back and forth trying to make it back onto the road network.

Corrections to Layout, Interface and Text

Episode description: Episode 3: added explanation that having a patron won’t prevent an invasion in this scenario.

Episode description: Episode 12: the description now states that happiness needs to be slightly less than 2/3 to achieve victory.

Island Log: Cyclopedia: Captains page: improved arrangement when “nationality” takes two lines and gender doesn't

Island Log: Profit & Loss page: removed the pineapple farm wage listing

Island Log: Profit & Loss page: improved arrangement to minimize crowding.

Island Log: Cyclopedia: improved arrangement of archetype names to avoid overlapping graphics/text

Island Log: Ship Detail: Crew Summary: improved arrangement to avoid overlapping graphics/text

Island Log: Satisfaction chapter: improved arrangement to avoid overlapping graphics/text

Ship’s Log: Moved the title down a bit (except on cover page) to avoid overlapping paging arrows.

Character Detail: Job & House page: improved arrangement of the worksite title (in case the title gets real long)

Character Detail: Job & House page: the "wages" line is a link to the Island Log

Character Detail: Happiness page: improved arrangement so contents don't get too low.

Character Detail: Skills page: improved arrangement of skill meters to avoid overlapping text

Character Detail: Job & House page: added hint text to resting and stashing meters

Building Detail: Graveyard: now uses an abbreviated form of the date string so it fits better.

Building Detail: added hint text to building detail for cave, graveyard, shipyard.

Building Detail: added hint text to building construction status and building destruction status

Edict Parchment: Kidnap Craftsman: improved arrangement.

Circle Window: Added code to guarantee the name of to-be-constructed building displays properly

Pirate King Creation: Traits: improved the description of “fun-loving” quality to properly explain half-price festivals

Circle Window: added hint text to building construction pre-requisites

Circle Window: added hint text to edict pre-requisites.

Strategy Map: improved/fixed hint text for regions and when dragging ship icons.

Map Editor

Now supports construction (building/road) and destruction cursors

Load/Save Dialog: no longer displays read-only files in list of save/load games

Now prohibits overwriting read-only files when making a map (in case user types in the name of a read-only scenario file).


Fixed many broken scripting functions (there were problems with certain functions accepting variables as arguments)

Added GameDataPath calls for building construction cost

Increased script maximum line length from 1024 to 4096

New script commands: change_character_need, change_player_hoard, destroy_building, kill_character, set_character_courage, set_character_leadership, set_character_name, ransom_captives

New script functions: crop_fertility_multiplier, get_building_occupying_uid, get_building_name, get_building_species, get_character_activity, get_character_name, get_character_need, get_character_satisfaction, get_character_species, get_game_data_string, get_pirate_house_uid, get_pirate_rank, get_unique_building_uid, has accessory, is_character_in_building, entity_exists, is_character_alive, is_building_active

New script variables: king background, king flaw, king identifier, king name, king_quality_1, king_quality_2, soil_quality_multiplier,

Fixed bug with assert_id

Can now override service building data:

number of customer slots, 'cust'

customer capacity multiplier, 'capa' (number of customers each employee can service)