Sex Drugs and Beer-Can Beta 3.0

The lastest Sex Drugs and beer can beta...

Sex Drugs and Beer-Can Beta 3.0

The lastest Sex Drugs and beer can beta. SDBC has scrapped the SP version of the past in favour of a whole new co-operative multiplayer mod, Features over 10 new weapons and loads of new features.

If you have played previous Betas forget it , Beta 3 is a total system revamp we have scrapped the sloggish SP mode in favour for a whole new cooperative based game

Beta 3 lets you pick your character from a team of 4 (Beer can, Killer Bean, Red or Ultra leek). You then must work co-operativly to slaughter all in sight before proceeding to the next map.

Your tools come in the form of around 10 weapons (inc . Banana launcher, fish bomb and killer rats) some specialist to certain characters.

New features in beta 3 range from the simple yet complicated walljump to the whole new bike system .. yes in beta 3 you get your OWN bike custom to you.

Beta 3's map system allows you to create your own monsters by allowing you to overwrite ones ingame , For example you may do a prehistoric map so want dinosaurs .. all you need to do is either create your own models including the basic ACT_ anims or use the sdk to model you monster around the biped given and use the current anims to create your own monster (more details of this and where to submit your maps at our forums)

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