Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Vice City Final Justice beta

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  • Program by Mowaza

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Vice City Final Justice beta

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect high quality cars, the perfect map mods, the best textures and hi-res visuals, stunt parks and ramps in just the right places, additional cars taking up the extra IDEs and most importantly the perfect balance of fast cars and normal cars as was intended by Rockstar for the original vice city traffic? ? Heres your answer: Final Justice - a total conversion for vice city.

You will find yourself firmly in the eighties driving around in real life high poly muscle cars made by the most experienced modelers in the community. Only the best of the best cars are featured in this mod. All vehicles have been tweaked to handle perfectly as they should in real life. The original vice city traffic system is maintained with sports cars replacing sports, sedans replacing sedans, convertables replacing convertibles etc. You will find some of the most famous 80s and pre 80s era models like the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Chevelle (streetmachine), Ford Shelby Mustang GT500E etc in this mod.

Driving around in the map you will notice

-all new billboards

-bus shelters for peds to sit on

-high quality particle system with real bright sunlight

-halogen lights for cars

-custom skidmark, improved water reflection and other particle effects like realistic fire and explosion effects

-new custom billboards for the three racing events at the Hyman memorial stadium

-map mods such as beach skate park and rally map, bike stunt park and a graveyard stunt park all occupying empty areas of the map

-New building textures for restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Mcdonald's as well as Dunkin Donuts and Seven Eleven.

-An exclusive and custom made quality texture replacement for the sunshine autos showroom you wont find anywhere else

-New Tommy room in Ocean view Hotel

-Cop cars are alot faster to catch up to the fastest cars in the game...and this makes cop chases much more challenging

-The final release will feature literally tons of map and building mods

The mod also has

-New weapons

-New custom HUD

-All new Intro/Outro screens as well as menu backgrounds

I have also made custom real life cop car sound effects to replace the original annoying cop car siren. Now you can enjoy police pursuits listening to sirens recorded from real cop cars. Furthermore I have always felt the need to add more than one sport bike in the game and have achieved that goal in this mod! Now you will find the highest quality bikes ever made for vice city such as the Ducati 996s replacing the Pcj600, Suzuki GSXR100 replacing the freeway and the Yamaha YZFR1 replacing the angel. Since the freeway and the angel bikes are not used that often in the game, i replaced them with two additonal sport bikes for tripple the fun!! dont worry all have the correct animations and sounds.

I have built this mod on the original Vice City Deluxe Mod by Scott Anthro, Matt Sk8head and the Freelance Corp, stripped it down and worked my way up from the bottom. The only resemblence you may notice are the beach stunt parks and a few texture mods like dunkin donuts and seven eleven. Apart from all this I have spent close to 4 months making an action packed trailer for the mod which will be included in the installer replacing the Rockstar loading video (GTAtitles.mpg) so check it out. This is by far the best and most high quality collection of mods created by the best artists out there as well as by me. It is the most complete mod you will ever find.