Cycling Manager 4 Patch 1.4b

This is the latest Patch for the Cycling Manager 4 (Radsport...

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Cycling Manager 4 Patch 1.4b

This is the latest Patch for the Cycling Manager 4 (Radsport Manager 2004/2005).

Following bugs are fix even if you continue your old career from 1.0R :

*(editeur) Resolve crash bug at export from editor

*(race_bug) Riders are invisible on part of the GP Plouay (GP Aubagne/Classic Haribo/Chpt France/Fourmies)

*(race) Resolve time-limit bug

*(race_gameplay) Riders are slightly slow in the mountains

*(race_gameplay) Blue bar eaten up more quickly

*(race_gameplay) Influence of protection from wind greater in the mountains

*(race_gameplay) Attacks are more explosive in the mountains

*(race_gameplay) Attacks possible by best downhill racers during descents

*(race_podium) Crash in World Cup Podiums (career) is fix now.

*(race_loading) Correction of wrong display of favourites in team time-trials

*(race_loading) Correction of problem whereby 3D race takes longer and longer to launch as stages advance

*(management_trainings) Some neo-professionals who reach maximum potential are not detected and their progress is blocked at 100%

*(management_inscriptions) Display bug on the number of victories on rider selection page before a race

*(management_classifications) Display bug on Team rankings with a " rider/team " in the table rather than " team "

*(management_classifications) Incorrect sort on riders on results page after a race

*(management_trainingcamps) Incorrect display of bonus on some attributes after a given training camp.

*(management_scout) Clicking on the North Sea in Northern Europe no longer selects an area in Spain

*(management_scout) Under some circomstances scouts did not return from a mission which then proceeded to disappear.

*(management_scout) Incorrect display of team being observed by scout

*(management) Under some circumstances a wrong page was displayed on return from a simulation

*(graphic) White on Mavic IO and Hed 3 wheels are fix

*(sound) Listener speed (Doppler effect) implemented

*(multiplayer) Correction to chat bug in the pages

*(multiplayer) Correction of bug when X players are on the pre-race page with status "Run the race" and a player leaves the game while on another page with status "Not ready" the game did not launch.

*(multiplayer) Corrections to bugs on game saves in multiplayer mode during a stage race

*(multiplayer) Opening of Ladder

*(multiplayer) Correction of bug in stage mode with personnalised teams : the stage raced was always the first of the tour.

Following bugs are fix with a new career or if you continue your old career from 1.0R in first season :

*(race_bug) National and World champions don't have their jersey in season 2

*(management_crash) Resolve crash problem that may happen after 4 or 5 seasons

*(management_trainingcamps) Correction of bug on training camps starting end of December and finishing the following year (the riders do not return)

Following bugs are fix only with a new career :

*(database) Message on 1st day : subject and content inversed

*(database) Jimmy Engoulvent in Brioches La Boulangere => Cofidis

*(database) Hernan Buenahora not in database => Cafe Baque

*(database) Last mountain sprint and intermediate sprint inverted on 1st stage of Tour

*(database) Caracteristics of Hed H3 and Hed Alps inverted

*(database) Adjustment to points level for various riders with the help of Team Allianz

*(database) Correction to categories for following races: Tour du Languedoc to T.1, Tour de Belgique to T.2, Tour du Sud to T.3, Laigueglia to C.2 and Rund um Köln to C.3

*(database) Mont Ventoux : bug fixed on " Hilly " riders

*(database) Tour of Catalunya - 6th stage : incorrect image on arrival and impossible to view arrival time during the race

and more!

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