Crysis - Avatar Mod

This is a recreation of James Cameron's AVATAR made in three...

Crysis - Avatar Mod

This is a recreation of James Cameron's AVATAR made in three months. It is a Singleplayer Modification for Crysis: Bioluminescence, Strange Vegetation, Legendary Mountains... the most outsanding Sci-Fi meets Cryengine 2!

This is no longer a small environmental map, but a real modification including the GOC mod, custom sky boxes, and the swedish camo skin...

Created in the style of the night time jungle from the film AVATAR by James Cameron: It is very colourful, and evokes the feeling of the film well.

The terrain is from the Ascension single player level from the original Crysis.

Thanks to Crytek and CryEngine 2, for allowing me to do this 3 month project.

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