Vietcong v1.30 Patch

Update your retail version of Vietcong to v1.30 with this...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 32 MB
  • Program by Gathering Of Developers

Vietcong v1.30 Patch

Update your retail version of Vietcong to v1.30 with this patch that fixes bugs, cheats, adds a new game mode and more. See more information for details and thanks from Pterodon to its beta testers.


- Servers and clients crashing, FIXED.

- The corrupted textures that sometimes appeared on the weapons and equipment, FIXED.

- The occasional missing voice commands, FIXED.

- mlchangemap , mlchangecurmap a mlchangeendrule - didn't work correctly with points/frags, FIXED.

- swapplayer command, Fixed.

- Improved network code to help achieve less lag in the game.

- New anti speedhack protection.

- Sound of reloading moves with players.

- Medic heals only 75% of the damage.

- Shooting accuracy is decreased when jumping and aiming is aslo disabled.

- Player can now peep over rocks with binoculars by pressing the aim button.

- When calling air support player can type message without the radio call being broken.

- spectator delay maximum increased at 180sec

- radiocall - sending a chat message dosn't break it.

- New console commands for admin or remote admin

- set srvteamlock lock

- set srvvmchat 0/1

- set srvbluebt 0/1

We'd like thank to following betatesters for their help:

[CVC] TDR, [ESF]Shockwave, [CVC] SKID, [9thid] Caliber, [1/8]TacticalJohnny , Tarkanos, [ESF] Scarface, [ORT] Blowmonkey, [PBG]Sphinx, -=]Xtreme[=-NL, {ThC} Freedom, DanH, PIMP, [Swedeland]ROK, [PBG]Dagh,[PBG]Cornholio, CyberKiller, [EB]HK, Bojler, [BiA] Ninja, [PBG]Jack Jones, WNx phantom punisher, Dan Hassard, Antonio, [SASR]Reddog, 7C|Ninja, [ORT] Whiplash , [ORT] Blowmonkey,, [CVC] Katoga, [PTX] Zan Dog, =BiA=Trphajzlik

Clans: CVC, ESF, ORT, BiA, ThC, PBG, 9thid, 1/8th, WNx, AUS, EB, TheEdge, SASR, HEL

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