Jack Nicklaus 6 Patch

Here's a patch to update your Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear...

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Jack Nicklaus 6 Patch

Here's a patch to update your Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge with a number of fixes and features. See more information for details.

Bug Fixes

Long putts will now roll better. Long putt ball bounce was causing too much drag.

Hiding and showing the Hole Info Bar during play caused it to display bogus lie information.

Using the Designer Terrain Textures dialog and specifying a terrain type of 'Green' or 'Fringe' for any of the BASE shapes ( e.g. top, right, left, bottom and hole) could cause the game to crash for shots that ended up coming to rest on one of these base shapes. The game code has been updated to protect against this. However, I suggest designers change the BASE texture terrain types away from these as BASE shapes aren't really intended to be used for these terrain types.

Wind direction is now changed each time a new hole is loaded. The wind direction is changed to come from the prevailing direction relative to where that hole is situated on the course overhead.

If the user saved his season file while the skill screen was still up, the season couldn't be resumed (it would just sit at the score card screen and the New Game button would take the user back to the main screen). It will now resume at the skill screen.

The initial ball impact sound was sometimes playing at very low volume, make it barely audible.

Virtual player selection for season tourneys was using the old skill handicap instead of the real golfer handicap. This caused opponents in a handicap season to always have handicaps around 10, instead of having handicaps +/- 2 from the golfer's handicap.

Fixed greek fonts problems in setup screens. These forms now swap in "Arial" as the font face name if it is blank.

The swing meter's flow animation speed is now consistent at various levels of power and the overswing penalty is correctly implemented.

If the user chooses "Move Ball Here" in practice game, and "here" is on the green, the ball gets moved correctly. It used to interpret this as an "invalid drop" and wouldn't allow it.

If a game was resumed, and it contained recorded golfers, the game would crash when the recorded golfer's turn came up. It now resumes smoothly. However, any old saved games which contain recorded golfers still wont work, but instead of crashing we put up an error message when they try to open the saved game. Note that the recorded golfer files themselves are not affected by this change; that is, old recorded golfer files still work fine.

In a network game, the "course conditions" setting is now transferred correctly to non-host machines. It used to always be transferred as "Hard" regardless of what the host setting was.

Older Cyrix chipsets (unrecoverable error if try to bring up setup screens)

If you continue mid-game from a saved file, either a season file or a regular saved game file, handicap will not be computed correctly.

The 3-click meter in Very Fast mode was ignoring a power click at the 10:00 position. The start and power clicks were close enough together that Windows was treating them as one double-click, which we were not looking for.

Play a two player game with one player using a 3-click meter and one player using the Mouse Meter. If the player using the mouse meter is the last to finish the hole the game will ASSERT when that playing takes his first shot of the succeeding hole.

Intermittently, in a two (or more) player game with players using 3-click and mouse meters, the 3-click meter's upswing animation would start at the "full flow" position -- or some in-between location -- and then jump back to the proper starting location for the animation.

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