The Witcher - Full Combat Rebalance Mod v1.3 RC

Currently the biggest and most complicated mod for The...

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The Witcher - Full Combat Rebalance Mod v1.3 RC

Currently the biggest and most complicated mod for The Witcher. It changes every aspect of combat and character development. WARNING: FCR modification makes the game harder. If you find original game hard enough, you should play with FCR on NORMAL (lowest) difficulty or even resign from this mod.

The Full Combat Rebalance mod was published on the 8th of July and it is, so far, the biggest modification created for The Witcher. The combat system basis has been rebuilt and it has been done single-handly by Andrzej "Flash" Kwiatkowski. The aim he was motivated by was maximizing the realism of the gameplay, this way making it more similar to the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski and maintaining the gameplay to the highest possible standard at the same time. The fights have became more brutal, they need more tactics and strategy, but on the other hand the combat system rules have become more logical. We warmly encourage you to test the modification on your own – and experience a completely new game!

FCR: full combat rebalance;


- updated German translation by Regenshein,

- increased kikimore queen accuracy and armor,

- first encounter with barghests is made easier,

- fixed all reported typos in descriptions,

- all bosses are highly resistant to Yrden,

- Grand Master highly resistant to Igni,

- added slow-motion effect to Fisstech,

- vanilla bugged Qeun and Heliotrop regeneration upgrades completely removed to avoid confusion,

- buyable werewolf fur feature doesn't override one of 'difficulty potions' merchant anymore,

- moderately increased chance of poisoning by drowners, drowned dead, echinopses, etc.,

- fear effect duration halved (this includes bombs and group style effects),

- removed the automatic zoom to FPP perspective in OTS camera view


- added missing tlk file


- added German language support,

- greatly decreased the chance to critical hit when fear effect is applied,

- reduced the availability of meteorites,

- increased the availability of runes,

- red meteorite reward is available in both plot paths in prologue,

- fixed the model of ornate sword,

- increased Ozzrel hitpoints,

- increased Leo's ghost hitpoints,

- insectoids and ornitoreptyles are somewhat resistant to steel swords,

- fixed few typos in descriptions


- group style can't inflict critical hits,

- level 5 group style parry bonus decreased by 5,

- group style damage decreased by 2,

- monster's bleeding damage reduction removed,

- Witcher's Secrets items can not be sold,

- ornate sword and Dol Blathanna rune sword can be bought from smith in Act 4,

- whetstone and rune type weapon buff's cost increased,

- weapons prices increased,

- weapons can be sold for 10% of their purchase price,

- fixed werewolf fight,

- fixed one-hit kill Grand Master fight,

- Vitality of final boss significantly increased,

- removed armor penetration skill on mutant enemies,

- some elite human enemies and bosses have much higher chances to apply critical effects,

- created 5 levels of new Quen-like ability for enemy use,

- Salamander mages' (including Azar Javed's) survivability greatly increased due to the use of Protect ability,

- critical effects resistance decreased by 10% on insane difficulty,

- added missing Vesna file, now she has high armor class as intended,

- added FAQ text files in The Witcher folder,

- barghests in Abigail encounter on Ice Plains got Hell Hound stats,

- added hints during loading screens, 2 languages to choose in installer,

- Igni power-up range scales with levels (thanks to Mv.c9 for this idea),

- increased fistfighters damage,

- changed the way fistfight dodge behaves; now dodge provides damage reduction of 5 and chance to avoid full damage equal to dodge bonuses from dexterity and potions,

- higher poison, bleeding and ignite damage,

- act 2 Azar and Magister health reduced by 1/4,

- increased koschey's accuracy,

- increased golem HP to make him survive around 3 thunders,

- vampire oil recipe available from Thaler in Act 2,

- vampire oil and brown oil are no longer swapped,

- bruxae and alps armor class increased,

- bruxae, garkains and cemetaurs accuracy increased,

- difficulty potions mod included (one can change game's difficulty in the middle of the playthrough),

- more detailed item and talent descriptions,

- removed accidantaly added damage bonus from Act 1 mage in bridge encounter,

- bonus from active dodge (jumps, somersaults, pirouettes) increased from 25 points to 50,

- Cat potion won't work if Geralt has nightvision talent, this caused talent to stop working,

- new potion intoxication system, vanilla debuffs weren't working at all,

- higher fast style armor penetration to make it so, so much better against armored opponents than strong style,

- lowered damage reduction of basic leather jacket,

- now you can sell your jacket before you buy new one,

- ruby sword replaced with realisitic sword model,

- much harder bounty hunter battle,

- english critical hit floating text,

- negative armor penetration removed from forged swords (it doesn't work as intended),

- significantly reduced duration of bomb effects,

- lowered accuracy of prologue axe wielding bandits

- higher yrden endurance cost,

- increased quen and heliotrop effect duration

- permanent bodies set as default and removed from option list in installer,

- camera tweaks set as default and removed from option list in installer


- higher experience rewards from monsters,

- lowered ifrit accuracy in fight with Azar (Act 2),

- lowered wraiths armor from Rat quest,

- restored food stacking firx from version,

- because oil preperation talent is notoriusly ignored by many players in Act 1 until it's too late, oil preperation requires no intelligence anymore,

- gray stamina bar fixed,

- often ineffective % dmg bonus on normal and hard difficulty replaced with constant +5 dmg bonus,

- information about big difference between hard and insane difficulty added at beggining of the game,

- explanation of negative armor penetration added to weapons descritpions,

- ability to zoom OTS camera to FPP perspective,

- drink regeneration description fixed,

- Ozzrel recieved regular alghul parameters, before it had 30hp more and 1hp/sec higher regeneration,

- changed gradation of difficulty levels


- stronger guards in first barghest fight in Act I,

- constant Vitality values independent from Geralt's level (Endurance tree), sometimes the game counted Vitality points incorrectly,

- lowered defense in fistfight, enemy has 50% chance to hit minus Geralt's parry bonuses, damage reduction 10 (blocking strong fistfighter's hit still hurts),

- oil stacking bug fixed (warning about the bug in item's decriptions stays just in case),

- fixed little errors in talents and items descriptions,

- changed the name and description of difficulty levels (mod is difficult, there's no Easy level, Easy=Normal, etc...),

- 5th level sword style bonus shared between 4th and 5th level (previously level 4 - powerup attack had no bonus to all attacks in sequence, making gold talent investment felt only on 5th level),

- increased accuracy of some bosses (koschey, striga, zeugl, golem, Dagon, Zephyr, bride, kikimore queen) !not included in Easy Monsters option in installer!,

- Ozzrel's accuracy decreased,

- increased Vitality of mutated Rayla,

- greatly decreased accuracy of Siegfrid in fight with skoffin,

- bosses are immune to stun and knockdown,

- headhunter wears full plate armor,

- Berengar is much weaker in fight with Azar, he shouldn't beat Azar alone nor get alive out of this fight,

- added normal map to Ruby Sword (blade shine)


- fixed food regeneration stacking

- increased accuracy of some boss enemies

Fixed plenty of bugs from original game.

Additional options durign instalation:

01. Armors

- All armors have 3 potion slots and 2 short weapon slots

02. Equipment

Some items stack up to 999 pieces in one equipment slot


- Allowed inreased OTS camera distance and zoom in to FPP view

04. Poker dice

- 5 NPCs will risk higher stakes during poker mini-games. Changes are reasonable, not sky-high. Only wealthy NPCs have been chosen as they can afford the risk. There are 2 versions available; one with easier computer AI in dice games and one with normal AI.

05. Quests

- Included “werewolf fur” mod, allowing to buy werewolf fur from Abigail/the healer in Act 4

06. Controls

- Improved “walk mod” (author of original mod - J_Slash, thanks again!) allowing to walk using OST camera

To use this feature, bind a key to new walk function in game options

07. Interface

- “Toggle GUI mod”

New possibility to bind toggle GUI key in Options -> Controls. Toggle GUI will make it impossible to move camera with the cursor (as it disappears along with all other HUD elements), so you have to use screen-scrolling with shift to move the camera.

- "Flaming sword icon"

Possiblity to turn on flaming sword icon on hard difficulty or turn it off completely on all difficulties

08. Visual Effects

- Now all successful attacks leave visible wounds on character models - you’ll actually see the slashes and bruises.

- Bigger blood decals.

- Blizzard potion graphical effect removed

09. Movies

- 2 versions of no intro mod disabling movies at game startup:

a)no intro (all movies disabled)

b)no witcher logo (but intro is present)


- Bodies of dead enemies won't vanish until Geralt leaves his current location.

11. Music

- New in-game menu music - 'FCR main theme' made by Tesserakt

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