Armed and Dangerous Demo

Blowing up tons of stuff and doing it with a smile -- that's...

  • Category Action
  • Size 163.9 MB
  • Program by Lucas Arts

Armed and Dangerous Demo

Blowing up tons of stuff and doing it with a smile -- that's LucasArts' Armed & Dangerous in a nutshell. Brought to you by Planet Moon, this title is an action game like no other. Full of outrageous action, insane weaponry, and irreverent humor, it's a refreshing break from the grim and gritty action titles flooding the market. Check it out

Game Features:

- Fight your way through 21 action-packed missions.

- Brandish over 17 outlandish weapons like the Cyclops Sniper Rifle, the Vindaloo Rocket Launcher, or the Topsy-Turvy and Sticky bomb.

- Explore five diverse environments including icy and snowy regions, mountains with breathtaking vistas, deep and foreboding woods, and rain-spattered cliffs.

- Take down wicked enemies like half-man, half-animal Grunts, eliminator droids, wall-smashing Goliaths, evil monks and wild twiglets.

- Navigate through a richly entertaining story with two smack-talkin' partners in crime.

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