Field of View - Half-life Sniper - 1.0

Ever wanted to play a sniper mod in half-life? Now you...

Field of View - Half-life Sniper - 1.0

Ever wanted to play a sniper mod in half-life? Now you can!


Field Of View

Version 1.0

FOV will run on 1100 or higher only!



With most half-life nothing-but-sniper mods a long

way out, you would think the category is empty. But

here is Field of View. My sniper mod. It puts players

in sniper situations and you have to kill, or be killed.

Simple as jack, but wait, there is an explosion...


Version History.

Current 1.0

The final actual release of Field of View. Everything is how it is supposed to be

Beta 1.7

The last public beta, featured super snarks.

Beta 1.6 SE

A version fix from 1.6, since 1.6 had a few unexpected bugs..........

Beta 1.6

A bad version that was not correctly labeled. Supposed to feature new mp5 model.

Beta 1.5

An average beta. Featured vampire rune, and big boom bomb.

Beta 1.4

Closed beta. Testing big boom bomb, getting sounds/sprites sequenced.

Beta 1.3

Featured a whole shat load of models and sounds. 357 damage tweaked a LOT.

Beta 1.2

Fixed blank shotgun bug. Added two new runes. Featured MiniRL

Beta 1.1

First beta release. Bug city. Had a brain bug. It ate peoples brains. It got smarter.

But then, it was captured by a drill instructor.

Beta 1.0

The first ever version of field of view. Hell, it was not even supposed to be a mod,

but then, I thought it would be cool.



Regeneration Rune = Your Health and Armor regenerate fast, REALLY FAST.

Haste = You weapons fire twice as fast.

Cloak = You are somewhat invisible.

Low Grav. = You can jump really high.

Protection = You take half the damage.

ID = You can see other players stats, like Team Fortress

Vampire = Every 2 damage you do, you get 1 health back. Up to 200

Booby trap = When you die, there is an explosion.



Crowbar. Your standard crowbar. But Gordon takes steroids and he

uses it very fast.

Glock Sniper. The glock holds 10 bullets, and does a good amount of damage.

MP5 Sniper. The MP5 holds 20 bullets, fires faster than the glock, but does less damage.

357 Sniper. Still holds 6. Does more damage than any other bullet weapon, but fires slower.

Sniper Rifle. Does the most damage, but holds 3, and fires slow.

Mini Rocket Launcher (Hive Hand Model NEW, Sounds NEW). Fires mini missiles that do more damage than normal.

Holds 16 now, but should not be used often.

Big Boom Bomb (satchel) Super strong satchel, does a load of damage. Limited to one, and does not travel far.

Micro Plasma Beam (gauss) Fires a highly compressed beam of light, slowly, but does major damage.

Super Snarks (oh gee, wonder what this was) Pissed of snarks do more damage and live longer.


Copyright 2001 Shady Milkman

Don't damage/modify anything if you wish to distribute this mod.

If you complain about any model/sound on my mod that is an illegal copy from Counter Strike. Talk to the

PS07 mod team. But don't mention the mixup of the dog and the cat, it really pisses him off.

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