F1 Championship Season 2000 Demo

Re-live the gladiatorial battles between Michael Schumacher...

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  • Program by EA Sports

F1 Championship Season 2000 Demo

Re-live the gladiatorial battles between Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard or tear up the record books and take an outsider to World Championship glory. With in-depth behind the scenes technical support from the Orange Arrows and Benetton Formula One teams never before has the game player been able to enter the world of Formula One racing in such detail and authenticity.


- New - Formula One Driving School. Train to become one of the Formula One superstars with the all new Formula One Driver Career School.

- New - Full wet weather racing and advanced environmental effects with implications to race strategies and driving styles.

- New - Use of the renowned 2-seater Formula One race cars.

New - Unprecedented realism levels with updated car models, dynamic texture shading, multiple rear wings reflecting car set-ups and improved force feedback.

- New - Graphical effects featuring a dynamic racing line driver assist, realistic tyre smoke and particle effects.

Officially Licenced - 2000 Formula One season including up to date starting grids.

- Formula One Rules - Stop-go penalties, pit lane speed limits and flags.

- Opponents with attitude - AI drivers with personalities that reflect the real-life drivers.

- Race Responsive Pit Crew - Constant feedback on the radio on race situation from the team pit crew.

- Star race analysis - Featuring ITV's Jim Rosenthal*

- * Jean Louis Moncet (France), Kai Ebel (Germany), Luis Villamil (Spain), Ivan Capelli (Italy), Eje Elgh (Sweden), Harri Pontinen (Finland), Allard Kalff (Holland), Ivan Capelli (Italy) and Milton Leite (Brazil)

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