E&B: Captains Log Editor

Tool to edit your Captains Log outside of the game, includes...

E&B: Captains Log Editor

Tool to edit your Captains Log outside of the game, includes some special features you don't have in-game (import/export .txt, print, search, create backups of E&B Settings...)

E&B: Captains Log Editor has many useful features to help you manage your Captians Log.


v1.52 release date: 04.08.2003 - 14:27 GMT+1

- fixed minor "Create Backup" issue (if you canceled you got an error

message telling you that you used special chars in the name)

v1.51 release date: 04.08.2003 - 12:40 GMT+1

- fixed little Bug in the new Search Feature (if you canceled in the

"Open" Dialog you got an error message)

- fixed the "Search-CANCEL" Bug (if you canceled when you were asked

for your Search String you got Results for "CANCEL")

v1.5 release date: 04.08.2003 - 11:57 GMT+1

- improved alt/helptext of "Clear"-Button

- added Backup-System (+ Captains Log Editor asks to create backup on

first start)

- added Button to visit the official website of Captains Log Editor

- added Button for Timestamp and Datestamp

- added uninstall (removes all program files and shortcuts)

- added Search Feature (search for text in all logfiles)

- changed EasterEgg, now better suitable for the summer ;)

- improved "Open" Dialog (E&B Folder will be set after successfully

opening a logfile)

- improved checking if opened file is a proper logfile

- added little 2nd EasterEgg

- Setupfile is almost 2 MB smaller now! It's about 3 MB now.

- fixed some Setup issues


- improved Setup (keep Settings of previous version)

- added "Start Earth & Beyond"-Button

- added integrity and version check of Settings.ini

- fixed minor issue in open dialog (it could happen that your Logfile

Path was set to "CANCEL")

- fixed issue with "Open last log on startup" (text of log was added

multiple times)


- improved Setup (run Captains Log Editor after Setup)


- added "Clear current Page"-Button

- fixed alt/helptext of the new Import/Export Buttons


- New Feature: Import any textfile into your log

- New Feature: Add any textfile to your log

- New Feature: Export your log as textfile

- Options: Open last log on startup

- Options: Check for Update on every start


- added an EasterEgg :)

- added Feedback Link (e-Mail)

- new pagejump partially coded

- improved Setup (remembers last install dir)


- added new fancy Buttons from E&B :)

- added new PB-Network Banner and Charts

- added Splash-Screen on startup

- added background graphics

- removed some unused code lines


- added new Buttons (partially done)

- added new Screen: Settings

- added new Screen: About


- fixed typo in "Check Length"

- added First Run Message and folder search

- added "Search E&B Folder"-Button

- optimized some minor code parts

- added Auto-Update feature (confirmed planned feature)


- First public release with all vital features.

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