Hegemonia v1.07 Patch

North American patch that will update your space-based...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 17.9 MB
  • Program by DreamCatcher/Digital Reality

Hegemonia v1.07 Patch

North American patch that will update your space-based strategy title to version 1.07. In more information is a list of update details.

Does not contain multi-language European support!

Below are the following updates completed in the v1.07 patch:


-Fixed bug in the ship renaming.

-There is only a few halting left in the game.

-From now you can save in multiplayer skirmish mode (alone with one player plus AI.) and load your saved game in single player mode.

-Fixed a bug in the version number.

-Improved radar range presentation in Ati cards.


-ATI drivers patched - corrections about invisible options and radar range.

-Multiplayer synchronisation with other versions (ex. US with European).

-Bink player correction under WinXP or 2000 (intro/animations played slower than normal).

-Gamestart crash was possible if user did not have TCP/IP connection installed.

-Single level changes: improved AI.

-Movement in 3D (M and SHIFT) was only possible with the left mouse button (for action)

-Now both mouse buttons work.

-Fixed gameplay bugs in Episode 2 - Mission 2 and Mission 3.

-Fixed bugs in save/load system.

-Now you can pause the game with the P key too.

-Plus a lot more.

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