Coliseum Patch v1.5

This installs over the retail version of game and upgrades...

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Coliseum Patch v1.5

This installs over the retail version of game and upgrades Coliseum to v1.5.

Bug Fixes:

Corrected a problem with Head-to-Head losses not always being tallied correctly.

Corrected a problem with the Season Number not incrementing up correctly if you keep all of your warriors in between seasons.

Fixed a rare problem where news reports would report on a warrior on your team fighting that hasn't fought before.

Fixed a problem where news reports would be cut off occasionally.

Fixed occasional stat irregularities with injuries and spells.

Fixed a bug where if you released a suspended fighter and signed a new free pool fighter, he would inherit the old warrior's suspended status

Fixed a bug where if a CPU warrior retired early, it would sometimes clear the wrong set of stats, leaving an empty CPU slot

Fixed the problem where the Exit Arena button would stay lit and active while simming matches, and clicking it again would reset the simming and cause stat problems

Corrected some rare injury bug problems with CPU warriors


Adjusted the cost of enchantments up and reduced their duration ranges slightly

Adjusted contract signing costs up slightly.

Added a "poisoning" element to using enchantments as well as potions; using too many can have harmful results for your warriors in the long term, similar to potions

Added a possible "Performance" bonus in combat which could occur if you pass a manager Performance stat check; also added possible combat bonuses for "experience" as a warrior moves into prime fighting years

Tweaked the chance of deaths down slightly, so that your warriors will tend to live a bit longer and aging will be more of a factor

Tweaked the various ways manager stats can go up, so that they may change a bit more often

Changed the enchantments to shuffle randomly more often if one is not currently active

Redid and moved the Cancel Training button to be cleaner looking on the interface

Added a warning on the Exit Game button text that the game data will be lost unless the game is saved before exiting

Players now collect a 250 Gold award for qualifying for the playoffs, and 1,000 Gold award for winning a championship

New Features:

Added a "Tome of Champions", which keeps track of and stores tournament playoff champions for the last 50 seasons.

Revamped Gambling in the game to be payout/odds-based, where the odds are based on the warrior's record and stats, to make gambling more challenging and balanced, and redesigned the schedule screen with new graphics, and added text explaining the betting system to the Schedule help screen

Added fully implemented season fatigue, with a visible status bar. Now warriors, when fighting or training, tire and you must periodically rest them - Retooled the look of the Manager Options screen to be crisper and cleaner looking

Added the current season record in parenthesis next to each warrior, along with their career record

Retooled the development curve for warriors through ages 30-49 to be more distinct and slightly more varied

Added a funeral screen that may pop up when warriors are killed, with new music, to enhance the visual impact of a death in the game

Added current injury display to the Playoff screen

Added access to the current news report via a new icon in the match-up screen to make it easier and more streamlined

Added an option to delete existing saved games to the Save Game menu

Added a selectable Season Length option (20, 30 or 40 days) when creating a new league

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