Far Cry - Unofficial Map Pack

The maps in this map pack were created entirely by the Far...

Far Cry - Unofficial Map Pack

The maps in this map pack were created entirely by the Far Cry community. Although the main author is credited below, this pack is a truly a joint effort as many mappers assisted or gave advice on some of the maps. We congratulate the winners of the map contest and hope that those maps and rest of the maps are enjoyed by community.

The maps included are:


mp_MtCyanide by Death Cow - Ubisoft map contest Grand Prize winner

mp_integrate by fooyee - Ubisoft map contest Second Prize winner

mp_boxcanyons by xtencilate

mp_depot by Destroyer

mp_Dune_Day by Skipper - Mod by JCD TAW/Led_Zep

mp_Dune_Night by Skipper

mp_oasisday by JCD TAW

mp_panic by Lu6fer

mp_railway by xtencilate

mp_steamynights by Led_Zep + Fat Mac

mp_steamystorm by Led_Zep + Fat Mac

mp_tactic_p by Lu6fer


mp_typhoon_day by DATA - Ubisoft map contest First Prize winner

mp_arkebuto_p by Keith Duke-Cox

mp_Blood_Gulch_Night by Tomatoes

mp_cry by RealRedShark

mp_shrouded by v1rtu

mp_skydive by X Clan

mp_trade by Chapstick



DocSEAL (aka Box Aluminum): Map selection/testing/gameplay feedback. Installer. Documentation. Loadscreens.

Led_Zep: Map selection/main editor/testing.

Slugworth: Map selection/testing. File and game server hosting. Documentation.

Additional map editors (besides the authors helping on each other's maps):

GMFlash, Ionized TAW, ThreeUP TAW, Suli

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