World Soccer Manager 2007 Patch 7.0.2

World Soccer Manager 2007 patch 7.0.2, changes are outlined...

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World Soccer Manager 2007 Patch 7.0.2

World Soccer Manager 2007 patch 7.0.2, changes are outlined below.


- Fixed bug where Australian youth player was being given English nationality only and thus not being eligible to play as he had no work permit.

- Fixed bug with player fines not getting processed properly at various times in the season.

- Fixed bug where lots of virtual players were added for a team.

- Fixed future human manager transfer bug - some data wasn't being updated properly in some situations.

- Fixed humans being offered countless players by German and Spanish teams in particular

- Fixed bug when training and youth facilities are upgraded simultaneously, only training facilities would actually upgrade.

- Fixed bug where teams who have already accepted friendlies for a tour accept again when a replacement team is picked.

- Fixed bug where sometimes fixtures would be played at the old stadium when a team moves to a new stadium.

- Fixed stadium expansion bug where seats were sometimes being added immediately after the expansion is announced.

- Fixed bug where national team managers were not sent news sometimes about players being injured when playing for the national team.

- Fixed bug where blank entries were shown in players history when they had not made any appearances.

- Confederations Cup now takes place in host country of next World Cup.

- International friendly instructions now cleared down after matches.

- When scout assignments are removed, the user can now re-assign to the same nation/region without having to leave the screen and come back.

- Fixed a crash in a scout report news item.

- Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur when playing a friendly competition which clashes with other matches.

- Fixed issues where some sweepers would have no DC ability

- Fixed a transfer promotion clause crash caused by edited data.

- Teams which are promoted from lower divisions without a stadium get one generated.

- Fixed crash when retiring an unemployed manager

- Fixed a rare crash when arranging a friendly match.

- Fixed a crash when calling up multiple players to a national pool.

- Fixed a crash which might occur if a human manager builds up a squad of over 200 players.

- When a player on loan is transferred to a third team, his stats are now cleared down properly.

- Fixed a manager being fired unreasonably in finish league due to some teams having a next division set as a lower division

- Fixed a game freeze when going to a scout's list of scouted players.

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