Land of the Dead: Road To Fiddler's Green Patch v1.1

This is the first patch released for Land of the Dead: Road...

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Land of the Dead: Road To Fiddler's Green Patch v1.1

This is the first patch released for Land of the Dead: Road To Fiddler's Green from BrainBox Games updating the first-person shooter to v1.1 and fixing several issues.



November 10, 2005


I. Fixes/Improvements

II. Known Issues

III. Instructions to run a server using console command

IV. Server options

V. Dedicated Server Notes

VI. Custom Map Making Notes


I. Fixes/Improvements


- Hit detection on bodyparts improved

- Shotgun at extremely close range improved

- Added "Host disconnected" message for clients when the host

unexpectedly disconnects

- Increased "Say" characters from 25 to 40

- "Say" messages stay on the screen longer

- Max 8 "Say" messages instead of 4 on screen at once

- Version # on main menu screen "v1.1"

- Increased max players in CTF to 14

- Increased max players in Invasion to 6

- Increased max time limits for all multiplayer game types to 2


- TDM and CTF Scores are now centered

- Added more CTF score options (3,4). Previously was only


- Mouse clicks no longer "go through" settings menus

- Map rotation order bug fixed

- Server list disappearing bug fixed

- More difference between medium and high detail settings.

Medium detail now has less quality but better performance.

- Ch08 (sniper level) script fix: Less chance Otis will get


- New Invasion map (INRiver)

- New CTF map (CTFRiver)

- New Deathmatch level (DMRiver)

- LOTD Editor included (Not officially supported)

- Custom maps will automatically download from host

- Dedicated server option (via command line)


II. Known Issues


- It is not possible to host a downloaded custom map that you

received by connecting to a match. To host a custom map you

need to obtain the .dz file and place it in the

"Land of the Dead/Levels" Directory.

- A v1.0 client will appear to freeze if they attempt to join a

v1.1 custom created map. The game is actually downloading the

map but there is no message indicating this is happening.

- If the "Quit" button when downloading a custom map

gets stuck, click it quickly multiple times.

- Clients trying to connect to a host that has a different verion

of a file with the same name will get a "Package Version Mismatch"

error. This will only happen if someone modifies game files but

doesnt save it as a unique name.

- Clients connecting to a server which has a rotation which

includes a different version of a file with the same name will

get a "Connection Failed. Trying to reconnect..." message. In

order to get in this match you must delete the file in the Land

of the Dead/Levels

- When more than two clients who are sharing the same IP (playing

behind a router) try to connect to a server, some clients will

drop upon map rotation due to a limit on concurrent connections.

To fix this, the host must open the LOTD.ini file located in the

\Land of the Dead\System folder and change the line

"MaxConnPerIPPerMinute=" to equal a higher number like 30.


III. Instructions to run a server using console command


- How to run a server using console command

1) In windows, hit the 'Start' button, and choose 'run' then

type in 'cmd' to open the Command Prompt.

2) In the Command Prompt box, use the Change Directory command

("cd") to go to the location the "System" directory where the

game was installed. The default is

"C:\Program Files\Groove Games\Land of the Dead\System\"

3) In the Command Prompt box, type the following: "lotd " + + "?" + DedicatedServerOptions + "?" +

"Listen -server"

For a standard server:

"lotd (mapname).dz?(serveroptions)?listen"

For a Dedicated server:

"lotd (mapname).dz?(serveroptions)?listen -server"

Here is an example:



GamePassword=HelloWorld?Listen -server"

This will start a dedicated server in DMDowntown, with friendly

fire on, a timelimit of 30 minutes, a score limit of 100, the

server will be Team Deathmatch (IsTeam=True), the zombies are

on the highest difficulty, with 8 player slots and a password of



- The maximum supported players for CTF is 14, for DM and TD is

8 and Invasion is 6. These setting can be overridden but may

cause problems such as telefragging, slow framerate or lag.

- The map name used in the command line should be the

same as one of the maps in the map rotation list. This is where

the map rotation will start.


IV. Server options


Dedicated Server Options:

FriendlyFire=[Ture or False]

TimeLimit=[in minutes]

GoalScore=[score limit]

IsTeam=[True or False. True for CTF, IN, and TDM]

EnemyStrength=[0,1, or 2]

MaxPlayers=[max number of players]


Normal Server Options:

Character=[XDOTZCharacters.JackSlade or


Head=[0,1, or 2]

Body=[0,1, or 2]

XGAMERTAG=[Your name]

Name=[Same as XGAMERTAG]

Listen (NOTE: mandatory. URL has to end in this for



V. Dedicated Server Notes


- All options are seperated by '?'

- " -server" is required at the end to run the game as a

dedicated server


- Once you have created a server through the game menus, the

LOTD.ini file will be modified with a list of the maps that

were selected. For example:



- The dedicated server will use this list for map rotation. You

can add any maps that you want to the list including custom maps.


VI. Custom Map Making Notes


- In order for the map name to show up in the "Host Multiplayer

Game" list, the map name must start with the proper gametype


Invasion uses"IN", Death Match and Team Death Match use "DM",

and CTF uses"CTF".

- map names must not contain any spaces

- map names must end with ".dz"



September 26, 2005


I. System Requirements

II. Getting Started

III. Controls

IV. DirectX

V. Known Issues

VI. Troubleshooting

VII. Technical Support

VIII. Useful Websites

IX. Copyright Information

X. Tips and Tricks


I. System Requirements



-Pentium III/1 GHz CPU

-256 MB of RAM

-2 GB Hard Disk Space

-SVGA, high-color (16-bit)

-16-bit DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card

-64 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card (minimum nVidia

GeForce or ATI Radeon class card)

-DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD)



-56 Kbps modem or faster for Internet play


-Pentium III/1.2 GHz CPU

-512 MB of RAM

-2 GB Hard Disk Space

-16-bit DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card

-128 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with hardware

transform & lighting (Radeon 9000 / GeForce FX or higher)

-DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD)



-Broadband connection for Internet play

Operating Systems:

Supported operating systems are Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.


II. Getting Started


Run "Setup.exe" on CD 1 to install LAND OF THE DEAD: ROAD TO

FIDDLER’S GREEN(TM). Once installed, launch the game with the

"Play Land of the Dead" shortcut on your desktop.


III. Controls


The default controls are listed below. These can be changed in

the options menu.


W - Move forward

S - Move backwards

A - Strafe left

D - Strafe right

Shift - Run (press and hold)

Space - Jump

Ctrl - Crouch (press and hold)

Mouse - Look


left mouse button - Fire/primary melee attack

right mouse button - Reload current weapon/sniper rifle

zoom/secondary melee attack

R - Reload current weapon

1 - Melee weapon

2 - .22 Rifle

3 - Revolver

4 - Glock

5 - Sniper Rifle

6 - Shotgun

7 - M-16

8 - Molotov Cocktail

9 - Grenade

mouse wheel - Switch to next/previous weapon


E - Action key

Tab - Toggle on-screen objectives list

ESC - Pause/menu

F5 - Quick save

F6 - Quick load

F10 - Increase gamma correction

F11 - Increase brightness

F12 - Increase contrast

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