BF1942 - Desert Combat Extended v9.0 [Full]

This is the full windows client install of the Desert Combat...

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BF1942 - Desert Combat Extended v9.0 [Full]

This is the full windows client install of the Desert Combat Extended modification for EA Games hit release Battlefield 1942. Read below for all the details on whats new in this release!



Desert Combat v.7


DCX 0.8

The one and only BF1942 mod worth its name today.


These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat

- Homing missles

- A brand new army. The British which includes many new vehicles

- the Avrow Arrow... Try and take Zeuser on in that one.

- 68+ playable maps most supporting all mods of play. CQ,Coop,CTF,TDM and of course SP

- new and better BOTs

- Many hidden surprises out their for you to play with and find. ?

- Player guided SCUD missile

- SAM sites

- Mobile SAM Vehicles

- M.O.A.B.

- Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles

- More guns on Blackhawk

- Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields.

- Destroyer launches guided Tomahawks and gets a helipad with a Seahawk

- Seahawk has defensive flares and drops guided torpedoes

- Phalanx guns on ships

- Ural tanker 'suicide' bomb

- Artillery modifications to prevent 'stealing' by other players

- Sub fires Guided Tomahawk and Guided Torpedoes and carries Navy seals

And many many many more...

More info from the team's website

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