Systemic v1.1.2 [Non-UMOD]

After the immense yet underground success of the Quake2

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  • Program by Systemic Team

Systemic v1.1.2 [Non-UMOD]

After the immense yet underground success of the Quake2 modification Devastation (DevQ2), Systemic aims to bring a similar amount of chaos to Unreal Tournament 2003.

Systemic is, as you might have guessed by now, a modification of Unreal Tournament 2003 which introduces "Cygens" into regular UT2003 combat. Cygens are large heavily armed and armored mechs that move considerably slower than regular players. They are roughly 3 times as tall and are 10 times tougher than players, so you'll know them when you see them. You might even hear them first, as they emit tremendous footfalls that can be heard from afar. Cygens also have an increased jumping ability allowing them to elevate above players and come crashing down upon them, squishing anything meaty below.

There are currently 2 types of Cygens in Systemic so far: A Dual Rocketlauncher (RL) and a Dual Chaingun (CG) Cygen. The CygenCG can only fire its dual chainguns for a limited time, until an overheat occurs and the player must stop firing temporarily during a cooldown process. Cygens can be attained by acquiring their corresponding items, which are small platforms with holograms hovering above them, the pattern on the base of the item distinguishes the type of the Cygen that will spawn.

Systemic is a mutator, supports all gametypes, and even works with other Mutators as well. Future releases of Systemic will likely include new gametypes as well as new units. And YES, Systemic supports bots for you freakin' laggy newbs!

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Systemic v1.1.2 [UMOD]

After the immense yet underground success of the Quake2

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