Wings of War v1.2 Patch [Retail]

This patches the retail version of Wings of War to v1.2...

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  • Program by Silver Wish Games

Wings of War v1.2 Patch [Retail]

This patches the retail version of Wings of War to v1.2 adding new features and fixing bugs. Read below for more details!

Wings of War by Silver Wish Games - retail v1.2 patch

This patch updates the retail version of Wings of War to v1.2.

New Features

- New singleplayer/multiplayer arena Jutland added. (full game only)

- More realistic water reflection.

- Red health pickup now repairs to 100%, not just partially.

- Bonuses are fully disabled instead of just hiding the markers.

- Disabling of markers disables target-hit-locking (manual lock is still


- "Classic" mode speed vanishing improved.

- [F10] toggles displaying of score to altitute & speed.

- AI gunners activated in instant action - in hard difficulty only.

New Features Multi-Player

- New mode "Bombing run" - Player can harvest bombs for attacking and rockets

for defending against enemy aircraft. (only one or other type of ammunition can

be carried at a time). (full game only)

- New "Hangar" multiplayer game mode. (full game only)

- #rockets=0 to disable rocket bonuses (except "Bombing run" main base rocket


- #bonuses=0 to disable all bonuses.

- Disabling of bonuses is controlled by server.

- #names=0 to disable displaying of pilot names.

- #kick on clients option added.

- Detection of modified game.

- Improved color differentiation in multiplayer messages.


- Plane controls animation in hangar.

- Scrolling in long list of servers.

- Backspace/delete keys in text input.

- Empty name of server in profile that was created but never used.

- Non-active hidden bonuses were visible on map.

- Rare crash while MP voting.



Players may be kicked from a server for various reasons for a variable amount

of time.

- Kicked by admin (player on server) -> will be prevented from re-joinng for

one day.

- By voting of other players -> will be prevented from re-joining for one hour.

- Automatically for team killing -> will be prevented from re-joining for one


- Automatically for bad connection (ping>500ms for more than 1min) -> will be

prevented from re-joining for 1 minute.

In-Game Commands

Players may open chat and issue commands. Commands begin with the # character,

anything else is a normal chat message.

There are 2 types of commands, local ones and global ones.

Global Commands

These Commands have an effect on the whole game. Commands issued by the admin

(player on server) are processed immediately. Global commands issued by player

on a client initiate voting.

The following list of commands can be entered by any player and are processed


- #kick

Kicks the player of given name.

Note: The player hosting the server (the one with ping 0) can't be kicked.

- #kick

Kicks player of given number. A list of players and their number can be

displayed by using #kick on a client.

- #restart

Restarts the current round.

- #name=

Sets your new name (as others see you) for current session.

These commands take effect in the following round. Note: All these commands are

disabled when the server is cycling through more than one profile or when

server has limited voting activated.

- #arena=[verdun|somme|arras|ypres|georgette|jutland|random]

Sets the arena. Note: Jutland is only available from V1.2.

- #season=[spring|summer|autumn|winter|random]

Sets the season

Note: Some arena/season combinations are not present in game, most similar

combination is used if requested one doesn't exist.

- #mode=[dm|tdm|windsock|hangar|bombingrun|ctf]

Sets game mode. Note hanger and bombingrun are only available from V1.2.

- #balance=[0|1]

1 turns autobalance on, 0 turns it off

- #limit=<0..60>

Sets timelimit, 0 = no limit

- #fill=<0..15>

Fill game using AI players up to . Only for non team-based modes.

- #filleng=<0..15>

Fill Allied team by AI players up to . Only for team-based modes

- #fillger=<0..15>

Fill German team by AI players up to . Only for team-based modes

- #arcade=[0|1]

1 sets 'arcade' mode, 0 sets 'classic' mode

- #overheat=[0|1]

1 turns gun overheating on, 0 off

- #respawntime=<0..60>

From 1 to 60 sets respawntime, 0=no respawning, last man standing mode

- #maxplayers=<1..30>

Sets max number of players on server, doesn't kick if there are more players,

just disallows new connections

- #rockets=[0|1] (from v1.2)

Disable rocket bonuses (except "Bombing run" main base rocket storage)

- #bonuses=[0|1] (from v1.2)

Disable all bonuses

Local Commands

- #kick Lists numbers of players for "#kick " command

- #names=[0|1] (from v1.2) Disable displaying of pilot names

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