NASCAR Racing 4 Patch (US)

Here is the patch version for your NASCAR racing sim...

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  • Size 8.2 MB
  • Program by Sierra Sports

NASCAR Racing 4 Patch (US)

Here is the patch version for your NASCAR racing sim game, NASCAR Racing 4. It is very important that you install the correct patch for the correct version of your racing game and also after patching, you version will not be compatible to an original install version. See more info for details.




* AI will no longer panic and dive to the apron on race starts.

* Improved yellow flag pit strategy.

* Improved pacing behavior.

* Improved pitting behavior.


* Changed min/max camber settings to +/- 5.0°. Car setups with values

outside of this range will be clamped when loaded.


* Multiplayer login is now allowed to continue if Message of the Day cannot

be accessed.

* The Message of the Day now has proxy support. Use the updated SierraUp

utility to set the values for your HTTP proxy.

* Players with "car_class" hacked .CAR files will no longer be able to

connect to multiplayer races.

* Clients will now always get proper weather settings when connecting to



* Pit crew will no longer service car when player pits to serve multiple

stop and go penalties.

* The F9 box's repair option will reset to YES if car suffers additional


* Fixed a bug which could cause the tires and fuel can carried by the pit

crew to not be visible during pitstops at Watkins Glen.


* "Wallriding" penalty no longer applied after rubbing AI cars.


* Fixed a bug which prevented a black flag from being issued when speeding

through the pits on the last lap of qual or race sessions.

* Fixed a bug which could cause cars to be inserted into the caution line in

an incorrect order.


* Fixed a bug which prevented the OpenGL renderer from working on boards

without multitexture support.


* Made crew chief's fuel recommendations more conservative.

* Fixed a bug which could prevent low fuel warning messages in race



* Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the delete key was pressed while

on the Available Races screen.

* Fixed a bug which could cause qualifying standings to be lost after

advancing to race session.

* Added off-line league support to exported standings (see 'Additional

Information' section below for details).

* Southeast wind direction can now be selected.

* Improved sorting of the available races table.

* The GDI renderer is now properly identified on the Options screen.

* Fixed a bug which allowed some background widgets to remain active while

the Connection Status and MoTD dialog boxes were displayed.

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Here is the patch version for your NASCAR racing sim...

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