Fallout 3 - Classic Advanced Power Armor v1.2

Fallout 3 - Classic Advanced Power Armor v1.2

This powered armor is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The motion-assist servo-motors appear to be high quality models as well. This power armor model was constructed by the Enclave after the Great War, as opposed to the pre-War T-51b. Be sure to read the read-me to get more information on installation...

This Modification adds the classic Enclave Advanced Power Armor from Fallout 2.


Update News:

## 08.03.2009

- Version 1.2 is online. The smoothing groups are fixed and the torso and helmet has been adjusted. The torso is a bit higher and more flat than before and the helmet is a bit smaller and better placed.

If everything works out good, then there will be a fixed pipboy arm in the next version. For the fixed smoothing groups, see the new screenshot.

## 07.03.2009

- Update to version 1.1 is online. This update fixes the Tesla Helmet-Bug in the replacement-version and also the german name of the enclave PA in the english file. See the *esp descriptions for more infos on what-does-what.

## 06.03.2009

- First version is online. Thanks to all helpers for the help, hope you guys like the armor. Also please keep in mind, that the armor has still it's issues. This is a first version. As example, I need to redo the pipboy arm and the dismemberment gibs need to fit a bit better and I need to redo some smoothing groups... So there is still some stuff left to do- Watch out for the next update.

Mod language: English and german.

You can choose between three versions:

## ClassicEnclaveAPA-*.esp

This file adds the APA with original Fallout 3-like stats. That means, it is as useless as all the other power armors in the game...

## ClassicEnclaveAPA-Better-APA-*.esp

This file adds the APA with adjusted stats into the game. ALL power armors in the game got adjusted stats and are now a LOT stronger than before. I used the "Better Power Armor"-mod as a base for the new stats. I recommend this file because it brings the best feeling. But keep in mind: Not only you use a stronger armor now, also your enemys in power armors. ;) I tried to make the stats "fit" with the power armors from Fallout 1 and 2. As example, the T-51b gives +3 strength and the APA +4, etc.. it would be the best if you guys install a mod that disables the bobble heads too... then it would fit best, I think.

## ClassicEnclaveAPA-Replacement-*.esp

With THIS file you got the complete replacement. When you activate this, ALL normal Enclave Power Armors are replaced with the new Advanced Power Armor. This mod will NOT change any stats or other things. It just replaces the old model!

WHERE TO GET THE ARMOR: If you don't use the total replacement, then there are some Enclave soldiers who are running around with the APA. The ratio for this is approx 50:50 and mostly big weapon-soldiers are using the APA. When you first start the mod, it can take a while until you find the APA. Good places, where you should find the armor to 100% are Raven Rock and the Water Purifier (where Optimus is running around).


The original model was created by Omage but dropped. HAL9000 made the great texture, uv-maps and normal maps after I (Lexx) picked it up and fixed stuff, adjusted the model and the new texture from HAL to make it fit perfect, made the rigging, dismemberment and includet it into the game, etc. etc. All the not-so-nice-stuff, eh? :)




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