Universal Combat: A World Apart Patch v1.00.14

This is the most recent patch for Universal Combat: A World...

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Universal Combat: A World Apart Patch v1.00.14

This is the most recent patch for Universal Combat: A World Apart updating the game to v1.00.14 directly from 3000AD Inc. Read below for more details.

Universal Combat: A World Apart by 3000 AD - retail v1.00.14 patch

v1.00.14 (04-10-06)


1. FIXED: When you docked with a fighter craft, sometimes no weapons were listed at the station for re-arming. This was caused by a revision in 1.00.09.

v1.00.13.01 (02-21-06)


1. This build is identical to the previous build, except that it was built with the older compiler because some people were reporting a "floating point not loaded" error message due to an issue with the new compiler we are now using.


1. FIXED: When the display pane was updated, a crash would occur in PERSCAN on some video card combinations when intruders were captured and turned into prisoners.

2. FIXED: An issue with the new compiler would cause saved games to not be saved (or restored) properly.

Universal Combat: A World Apart by 3000 AD - retail v1.00.11 patch


1. Implemented a new licensed audio engine (FMOD Ex)

This audio system is vastly more advanced than our aging in-house legacy DirectSound based system and represents a significant performance boost and overall audio enhancement. We had planned to adopt this audio engine for use in our 2006 and beyond PC and XBox360 titles but decided to implement it into the already released UCAWA as well.

This new implementation requires that your audio card have at least 32 hardware channels. This is the standard for most audio cards, including on-board audio. If you don't get any sound, this means that your card does not meet with these specifications and thus hardware mixing cannot be used. In this case, use the /x command line option to force the use of software mixing.

You can also use the /x parameter to solve buggy audio driver issues.

NOTE: if you are using an Audigy sound board set to 5.1 speakers and don't get any audio when you first startup the game, change your speaker setup to something else (e.g. 4.1), then change it back to 5.1 and save it. This seems to solve that problem with some SoundBlaster drivers. This might work for other audio drivers as well.

A sample massive battle saved game is included for quick testing of this improvement. Just restore and play it with the invincibility cheat on (or you will probably die).

2. Made several audio playback tweaks and revisions to better suit the new audio engine. e.g. better sound attenuation, more channel mixing etc.

3. Added ability to toggle hyperspace transition FX via Config.

4. More tweaks to turret optimizations from 1.00.05 because the turrets on some crafts (e.g. Megaron), were still not firing as often as they should.

v1.00.10 (11-22-05)


1. When a towed object's state (beached/disabled/sos etc) is cleared and an object is towed to space, the flag is no longer reset as this has a side effect of also causing the A/P to cancel any pending orientation maneuvering.

2. Giving the FLY-TO command when the CC is under A/P AI control will now perform the action, regardless of the target type. Previously it would ignore the command if the target could not be attacked (e.g. disabled, SOS etc) because attacking that type of target is against the Rules Of Engagement.

3. The tutorial script now uses the Megaron carrier in order to remain consistent with the tutorial text.

4. The PLV is no longer populated by all personnel defined in a mission script (which may include hostile persons).

5. Units ordered to ESCORT the player are automatically added to the priority list (and hence also the PLV) if not already present.

6. Implemented joystick controls support for vehicles when the joystick controller is selected in CONFIG.

The vehicle can still be controlled by the keyboard when the stick is the selected controller. The keyboard commands then override the stick.

The throttle/number keys have no effect on the vehicle speed. As in the other craft, the speed is dependant on how long a key is pressed/stick pushed fwd/back etc. When the stick is in the centre (released), the craft maintains its previous speed (there may be some bleed of speed) in the same manner as when the keyboard is used.

Stick x-axis (L/R) functions similarly to keyboard Q/E. In weapons mode the axis sets the currently selected turret yaw position, unless the joystick has a twist axis, which then takes precedence.

Stick y-axis (forward/back) functions similarly to keyboard W/S except that there is a fairly wide low-sensitivity zone near the centre that allows for more precise maneuvering at low speed.

Stick twist axis controls the selected weapon turret yaw at all times if present. The joystick throttle controls the pitch.

In WEAPONS mode, the throttle (if present) and stick Y both control the turret pitch (the effects are added together).

In CONTROL mode the throttle (if present) sets the turret pitch alone.

Control/Weapons mode is indicated in the velocity tab (ie where the VTOL, A/P, H/S etc are located).

7. FIXED: Sometimes the weather particle effects (snow & rain) were not cleared between IA scenarios.

v1.00.08 (10-18-05)


1. Exported additional localization strings to LANGUAGE.LNG

2. FIXED: Some missing asset (e.g. TSX1 sam unit) images would cause a crash if

you docked at a planetary starbase with such an asset and clicked on the CRAFT

button in Logistix.


1. The static displayed when a cloaked ship is detected, is now rendered in the

VDD like it is in single player.

v1.00.07 (10-02-05)


1. FIXED: A missing value in the world script caused rings to not be rendered

on planets (e.g. Jupiter)

2. FIXED: Graphics rendering anomaly in the dynamic cloud layer (see from

space) on planets with rings.

3. When character models are preloaded, a status message during the load is now

displayed. Also, if both options of loading models and character models are

enabled in Config, then character models are only loaded once.


1. FIXED: The server wasn't correctly setting the hyperjump timer status for

regions which weren't being observed. This caused ships in those regions to be

stuck in hyperspace because the anomaly wasn't being updated.

v1.00.06 (09-16-05)


1. FIXED: The external hyperspace jump fx wasn't working correctly.

v1.00.05 (09-10-05)


1. FIXED: The collision detect optimizations in 1.00.03 were so fast that on

some ships (e.g. Violon) which have turret vectors in optimal locations, they

weren't firing correctly.


1. The graphics server can now run on remote servers which do not have PS 1.1.

This is a serious hack and is not supported. If it doesn't work, stick with the

console server or make sure that your remote server has PS 1.1 (which is the

minimum requirement for the game)

v1.00.04 (09-07-05)


1. FIXED: When an auto-generation pass occured, intruders would randomly be

generated and transported to the CC. Sometimes during this pass, a CTD would

occur depending on the number of intruders currently on-board the CC.

2. FIXED: If you docked as an SFM with a shuttle asset and selected the CARGO

button, the game would CTD due to special handling required for this career

which was previously not allowed to have an asset.


1. FIXED: An INI file was out of synch, causing some multiplayer planetary

terrain locations to not be located.

v1.00.03 (08-28-05)


1. Performance improvement revisions to planetary terrain rendering.

2. Performance improvement revisions to skeletal character model collision


3. Performance improvement revisions to global collision detect.

4. Revision to planetary terrain site textures. No longer rendered as Black at

high altitudes.

5. FIXED: If you set a planet as a jump target (SHIFT+9), then saved the game

while in HJ transit, when the game was restored, the game would crash when the

craft emerges from HJ and about to enter the planet because the planet data may

not be stored in the saved game.

6. FIXED: NPC crafts emerging from planet to space in a region with more than

one planet/moon, would randomly emerge outside the wrong planet/moon they


7. FIXED: The ASSETS.INI table was out of synch when the ITEMS.INI was updated

with new additions. This caused player controlled threat assets (SAMs etc) to

fire the incorrect ordnance.


1. FIXED: Requesting a tow ship would sometimes select a station in the single

player galaxy.

v1.00.02 (08-16-05)


1. FIXED: The ASSETS.INI table was out of synch when the ITEMS.INI was updated

with new additions. This caused a shield and reactor upgrade to be listed

incorrectly in LOGISTIX.

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