DM-Complete PoS

A map made to be the worst ever...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 66 KB
  • Program by one_gundam_war

DM-Complete PoS

A map made to be the worst ever.


Title: Complete Piece of Shite

Version: 1.0

Filename: DM-Complete_Piece_Of_Shite

Author: Achilles

Release Date: 24.08.2003


--- Game Info ---

Game Type: Unreal Tournament DM Game

New Sounds: No

New Graphics: Nothing but the screenshot

Known Bugs: Some BSP Holes I purposely tried to create

Level Description: A Deathmatch map that I tried to make the worst it could possibly be without being instagib.


--- Construction ---

Editor used: UnrealEd 2.0

Base: None

Construction Time: Less than an hour


--- Installation ---

Just unzip DM-Complete_Piece_Of_Shite.unr into your Unreal Tournament/maps directory


--- Author's Notes ---

Dedicated to TheEmperorStalwartUK

This is my 2nd released map under the name of one_gundam_war. I got the idea to make this map after seeing another

mapper whining on the Nali City forums, and felt the need to make my own piece of crap map for someone (hopefully Mr_Prophet)

to review.

Yes, I can map better than this, but I was purposely trying to make it suck.

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