Il Rosso E Il Nero: The Italian Civil War Demo

  • Category First Person
  • Size 149.2 MB
  • Program by Black Sheep Studios

Il Rosso E Il Nero: The Italian Civil War Demo

Based on the italian civil war which took place in Italy during the WWII (1943), Il Rosso e il Nero (The Red and the Black) goes inside this war showing the two forces involved: the Partisan Communists Forces (The Red), and The Fascist army (The Black).

The game is just a historical reconstruction of what happened in that bloody days: you will see the scenarios and the most important battles of the war, but you will never see a political involvement in any of the two factions.

The menu, the levels, the weapons, the uniforms and all the details of the game are inspired by the documents and photos of that period.

This is a multiplayer FPS game. Each of 12 levels concerns an important battle, which you will be ready to fight thanks to the 13 weapons, the 12 characters and the one single-player section.