Embassy Revisited

The Embassy Map redone...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 2.7 MB
  • Program by Chems and McNamee

Embassy Revisited

The Embassy Map redone.

"Embassy revisited"

Production of the SBS Ghost Recon Modding clan


One day, Chems and McNamee were playing online on the embassy map...

Chems: Wouldn't it be cool if we could throw a grenade into the tank?

McNamee: Yea, good idea

Chems: Lets make a mod

And thus the mod came to be, within one night and one day, "Embassy revisited" was brought into this world.



Skins: James McNamee and Chems

APC: Chems

IGOR: Chems

Modified Rifleman CHR: Chems


What's new?

-Tank has been replaced with an APC

-Ghosts now wear Close Quarter Combat uniforms

-New rifleman CHR with knee pads

_Revised Mission of Embassy with new weather sky and reworked objectives. Adds replaybilitiy.

_Slightly modified night vision.


Hint: Try throwing a grenade through the APCs hatch and secure the crash site to protect piolt.

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